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HOME GYM EQUIPMENT NO 9 & 10 : COFFEE TABLE & CHAIR healthgoals noexcuses homeworkout workoutgoals fitnessmotivation selfmotivation feelgood sweatfest portioncontrol positivevibes innerself earlymorningworkout funtime metime backtowork bodytransformations legday legworkout weightlifting weighttraining weighttrainingforwomen chairworkout pushup elevatedpushups Back with my home gym equipment These are 2 things that are available at Ur own home. A strong coffee table to increase the level of Ur exercises. Elevated planks , push ups , inchworms n many more exercises can be done. A substitute to a step platform is a small chair. U can use it to do all aerobic exercise n also add in weights for a gr8 experience. keepgoing💪

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I finished Ezra tonight! That’s the 15th book of the Bible I’m so proud of myself! Reading through the whole Bible has been challenging at times but overall so so so rewarding.💜 ~ ~ ~ This book starts with a backstory before the teacher and priest Ezra comes to Jerusalem after the exiles of Israel returned there once King Cyrus granted them freedom. Then, once Ezra arrives, he is distressed because of the sin of those already living in Jerusalem. He prays earnestly to God out of distress, and the whole assembly of Israel gathers and agrees to take action to cleanse themselves. ~ ~ ~ What I learned most from this book is that, when you are truly living how God calls us to live, the sins of others are extra toiling on you, because you know that God has called us to better things. When you’re distressed like this, the best thing to do is pray earnestly to God, asking for forgiveness and clarity. ~ ~ ~ We sin every day, but “Lord, God of Israel, you are righteous!” (Ezra 9:15), and “in spite of [our sin], there is still hope” (Ezra 10:2). We sin, but we have a God who listens to every prayer. We have hope.

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No belt, No Problem 5 plates & 6 plates 495 & 585

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120kg PB on Stiff Leg Deadlifts

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Пить или не пить ? ⠀ Кто то считает , что пить воду во время тренировки - увеличить нагрузку на сердце . Кто то не пьёт , потому как после тренировки любит увидеть - 1 кг. Как быть ? ⠀ Я считаю - пить и вот почему . Вода - один из самых важных компонентов тела . Она регулирует температуру , давление , помогает пищеварительной системе . Мышцы - 75% воды . Жир - 10%. Вода приносит кислород и питательные вещества и уносит продукты распада, ненужный мусор . ⠀ Во время нагрузки нужно больше воды, так как все обменные процессы в мышцах идут быстрее . Ещё вода регулирует температуру тела через потоотделение . ⠀ Потоотделение важный процесс , таким образом организм охлаждает себя , как кондиционер . Сейчас лето , да и в залах становится душно. В этих условиях может произойти перегрев у организма и как следствие сильную потерю воды. ⠀ Симптомы обезвоживания - тошнота, головокружение, слабость . Узнали себя ? Не стоит игнорировать эти симптомы , это может стать очень опасным состоянием для организма . ⠀ Даже если вы не дошли до этого состояния и не навредили себе , то вот интересная информация. Спортсмены могут терять на тренировке до 10% воды через пот и дыхание . Если не восполнять воду , производительность падает . Также страдает интенсивность , сила , выносливость , координация . ⠀ Обезвоживание всего на 2% от массы тела может снизить кпд до 20%, а потеря воды на 5% снижает силу и выносливость на 30%. ⠀ На заметку : жажда на тренировке - не показатель . Тренировки подавляют активность рецепторов жажды. Так что если захотели пить - вы уже давно обезвожены . ⠀ СКОЛЬКО НУЖНО ? ⠀ ✅ до тренировки : 500 мл в течение 4 часов перед занятием. 200-300 мл за 10-15 перед самой тренировкой . ⠀ ✅ во время тренировки :100-200 мл воды каждые 15-20 минут , если тренировка до часа . 100-200 мл спортивного напитка каждые 15-20 минут , если тренировка больше часа . ⠀ ✅после тренировки: в течение двух часов компенсировать потерю жидкости . 500-600 мл воды на каждые потерянные за тренировку пол кило веса . ⠀ Тренируйтесь с умом и будьте здоровы!

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"Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!" -Hunter S. Thompson, The Proud Highway: Saga of a Desperate Southern Gentleman, 1955-1967 bendlikeagirl noonesgoingtostopmenow InIronWeTrust girlswithmuscle fitlife healthy motivationalquotes healthylife weightlifting contractorlife contractor trades chicagoland girlswithtools strongwomen  womeninconstruction girlsinconstruction  chicago  tradeswoman jobsforgirls fitness motivation workflow makermonday

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PS. Overhead squats are hard to learn. Years ago, I tried learning to overhead squat starting at the top with an empty barbell, and even though I could back squat more than 100kg, I couldn't get more than a quarter rep down before having to come back up with the bar overhead. What ultimately solved the problem was starting in the bottom position with a dowel and standing up from there. At a neuromuscular level, the tendency is for us to have more strength in the eccentric motion (going down into the bottom of a squat), but more control in the concentric motion (standing up again). So, I took the part where I knew I'd have more control and focused solely on that. strength strengthtraining exercise fitness health weightloss weightlossideas fatloss fatlosstips squats benchpress deadlift overheadsquat snatch powersnatch snatchtraining weightlifting weightliftingtraining movement movementadvancement

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The King of Powerlifting, Ray Williams, joins 6 Pack Lapadat, Paul Maranzan, and his coach Matt Gary to discuss how he got into powerlifting (you won't guess it), his proudest win of his 5 World titles, the response to him squatting over 1,000 lbs, his training regiment, his idols, whether his will follow his foot steps, his greatest rivals, why Luke Richardson can't leave the IPF yet, and who he feels may be the next King. Also, Matt Gary takes 'em back to the golden era of the sport with some great stories of Captain Kirk, Ed Coan, Mark Henry, and more! This podcast was a special one, and it runs longer. Available on all platforms! Link in the bio! Lifters mentioned: optimusprime_334 mlgary72 great_white_north_juggernaut jezzauepa lukeerichardson thevanillagorilla92 kirk_karwoski themarkhenry thorbjornsson eddiehallwsm eddycoan nakonechnyy_pavlo - Buy Supplements: Go to fusionmuscle, promo code KOTL25 for 25% off! Buy Ammonia: Go to zonesmellingsalts, promo code KOTL10

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Tonight’s Dinner: not the most photogenic meal, but certainly delicious. Instant pot ribs with ghughessugarfree bbq sauce and roasted kabocha squash. The squash is 2 carbs per ounce, but if you can work it into you day I’d recommend it! I roasted it in the air fryer with olive oil, salt and pepper and it was incredibly sweet and creamy HappyforHealth keto thisishowiketo ketofam lazyketo lchf weightlossjourney t2d pcos ketocooking lowcarb ketoAF weightlifting gymlife weightloss ketotransformation girlswholift plussizefitness kickboxing muaythai ladykickboxer strengthtraining MSisBS multiplesclerosis

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Today was full of movements I'm not great at and struggle with (muscle snatches, push jerks, push presses and jerk supports). It was a good challenge though and I felt like I was able to work through some weaknesses! 💪 juggernauttraining max_aita

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💥CHEST ROUTINE 💥 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖

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These Crossover Leggings are 🙌🏼: the most perfect combo of a leggjng and a jogger! We sold out in a flash and we’re restocking in June. Let me know if you’d like to be on the restock list. Only $59 for a whole lot of comfort and style rolled into one perfect pair of pants! 😍

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*😎De ton King(Fils), MAMAN❣* 😌"Même si certains Sentiments sont rarement Exprimés✨, *le Cœur💓 les ressent👌néammoins💖avec sincérité💓* _😍L'admiration et😍l'amour💓_ que j'avais pour👩‍👦toi quand j'étais enfant, _je les ressens encore aussi fort💪😻💞_ *🌟Maman🌟* 🌟Au fil des années, 😎j'ai bien changé, 👸mais toi, tu es restée la même👌💞✨, 💪toujours prête à aider, à écouter😍avec tendresse et tout faire pour régler les probèmes🌟💞🌟 Pour moi, tu es et tu as été💗 💓une véritable inspiration💡 et j'avais simplement envie de t'en remercier en pareille occasion *Bonne fête des Mères💞😘Vie* *_❤JE T'AIME MAMAN😍💞😘_* maman fêtedesmères bestlike like Mother 225like côted'ivoire 2019 fetedesmeres likefollowers like commentaire likecommentaire tattooedguys throattattoo tattoomodel menwithtattoos inkedlife tattoolife strong health fit tflers fitnessmodel fitnessgirl fitnessaddict fitspo weightlifting bodywork train getfit

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Swipe right if you wanna see my double chin powering my hip thrusts whoop whoop 👏🏻 Double tap, save and burn those leggies later🍗❤️ Warm Up: 15min incline walk Glute activation: I’m super quad dominant so firing up my glutes before a leg day is essential so these quads don’t take over 🏋🏻‍♀️ 20 x 3 frog walks 20 x 3 glute bridge Exercise | 3 sets 12 sumo squat into stiff leg dead lift with barbell Superset | 3 sets 12 barbell sumo squat 15 sumo jump squats Superset | 3 sets 10 hip thrusts 10 pulses . Exercise | 2 sets 20 walking lunges Superset | 3 sets 8 hamstring curl into kickback each leg I finished up the workout with 15min stair master and that’s where that dew is from 💦💦