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Framed Face 1 by Madison Fahey/Feral Maz ( feral_maz) – on view NOW as part if Monsters in May! CLOSING RECEPTION: May 31, 6–9pm EXHIBITING ARTISTS: Dory Whynot, Joe Keinberger, Madison Fahey, Daniel Kern, Kathleen Volp, Dave Bowen, Bradley Peterson, Amelia Leonards, Disme Casilio, and Sarah Leon Curated by Angela DeVesto art monsterart bostonartists monsters monstersinmay devil face teeth tongue mixedmedia silicone siliconepaint acrylic creepy witch eyelashes frame sculpture waltham moodystreet gallery artevents horror gothic weird demonic eyes bostonart bostonartevents exhibition

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i am losing myself

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Dear Alex, you use to love me. You use to love being around me. You said I was your best friend. Is that still true? Do you still care? Did you ever care? Or did you only come around when you were lonely and had no one else. I've been dealt this card before. And ive heard the lines over and over. I can sense when a relationship /friendship is breaking from a mile away. I shared the deepest parts of me with you and vise versa. We witnessed so much together the past 3 years. I can only hope this is a fleeting phase I want You back. I need You back. So many things unsaid and in danger of never being said because you aren't here. And when you are, you aren't present. Has she gotten all your attention now? Are you happy with her? Does she make you smile the way I once did? Or thought I did. Do you message her first now? Does she know your deepest secrets? Is she cooler than me? Will I never get you back?😬maybe you're maturing too fast. I told You not to change and you did anyway. You don't appreciate me anymore. Lets go back to when we first met and this was exciting. Sorry I bore you now. Maybe we shouldn't have known eachother for So long. I couldve left a femme fatale memory with you instead of one that causes you to want to ignore me.maybe I shouldn't have been stubborn and said I'm in love with you too. Is this payback? Is that what it is? You can stop it now. I love you . sorry for sounding selfish maybe I am but I was here first. When was the exact moment she caught your eye that made you forget all about Me. I'll give you your space for now. Just please don't forget me. Dont forget the times we shared. Don't forget the things we did. I have a feeling she's making you forget the kost important parts about me, us. Do you remember my name? My birthday? Sorry for always forcing the convos. I know You don't want to talk to me anymore I can feel it. I know You don't care too much but I still care.💘

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"Assuming I was like others was your first mistake." 🧜🏻‍♀️💎🌊🔱 Not like others. Everyone wants to be different, until you are in ways that make it so you'll never relate to anyone else - ever again. I still love this life! My [newfound] differences make it more of an adventure. I'm all about adventures. Thankfully my Love and our Flock don't mind or care. They're used to me being different, there's no change in their world aside from understanding. So let's be weird, wild, and different, because we don't have any other choice. 😂😝😘 adventureswithamermaid adventurouslife weird wild different differentnow💎 oneofthesethingsisnotliketheothers enjoythislife ilovethislife notliketheothers openedup shatteredpiecesstillshimmer thankfulgratefulblessed shining positivevibes positiveliving positivethoughts imnutsbabyimmadthecraziestfriendthatyouveeverhad mermaid imactuallyamermaid imreallyamermaid mermaidlife everydayadventures 4x1 waterfall Sunday Godsday thankfuligettobeme

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A month ago my jojobear came to visit me. I miss you so much. Here’s our pictures of us being our goofy selves. Entirely grateful for your visit and the adventures we had, can’t wait to come to Reno and visit you. Miss you my sun ☀️

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Se sentir bizarre Impro weird

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Give anything human teeth sometimes