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2 minutes ago

This was taken about two weeks ago on the day of the big setup. 😅 They didn't have the right size screen lid for the tank and I couldn't leave it uncovered because we have cats, so I got these glass panels as a stand-in until I could order one. However, they didn't let the tank breathe AT ALL (Honestly can't believe I didn't consider that before buying🤪) and the temperature started climbing so they needed to be propped open a bit to ventilate but, again, cats. Thankfully, this paper towel roll was here to really save the day. 😂🧻 improvise whateverworks reducereuserecycle axolotl axolotlsofinstagram axolove petphotography herpsofinstagram amphibians amphibiansofinstagram underwaterlife massachusetts exotic animals herps hobby weird pets

6 minutes ago

artsypeach and me this song is so cute i can’t

7 minutes ago

There is a cute mum and there is a weird goofy lisa😂🥰😍 mum weird goofy no

8 minutes ago

Not very comfortable but it’s a snake so weird guitar

8 minutes ago

🦇 Hello & Welcome 🦇 I'm an L.A. based artist just doing weird shit. I'll be honest and say that most pics of me may not be the best quality in the beginning, I'm going to start out posting older looks/ work I've done in the past because thats all i have at the moment. Hope you stick around 📷✨ : sin_klair

9 minutes ago

uśmiech jak pół pocałunku, tak to się robi?

15 minutes ago

Don't hide your weirdness ❤ Embrace it. Love it. It's part of who you are ❤ ♡ Photo Credit: tinybuddhaofficial