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Besok malam ⚠️ weird.genius at ifest2019 Hello Fellas 👋👋 . HIMAPROSIF UINSA Presents: I-FEST—Information and technology Festival—2019 with special performance by : 🙌🏼🙌🏼 WEIRD GENIUS! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 And many more guest star will be announced soon Feel the Atmosphere of Information Technology Festival and have fun with Weird Genius in I-FEST 2019 Mark the date and join with us! 📅 : 25th April 2019 📍 : Sport Center UINSA, Surabaya, East Java . Available Tickets: • Early Entry: Rp30.000 — Regulations: —— The entrance gate will be closed at 4:00 pm. —— This ticket only valid for one-time entry. • Premium: Rp35.000 — Regulations: —— Don’t have close gate. —— There’s no limit on entry hours . —— This ticket only valid for one-time entry. • VIP: Rp60.000 —What You Will Get in VIP Tickets: —— There’s no limit on entry hours. —— Will get a front seat, in front of the stage. —— A bracelet ticket that can be used to entry many times. —— CLOSER TO OUR GUEST STAR So, What do you waiting for? Book your ticket right now before the tickets sold out [Contact Person] - Instagram: ifest2019 - LINE: kinantiprawitan - Whatsapp: 081332824237 (Nurul Aini) . media partner support by : glamourlook_promo_event info_surabaya eventkampuscom eventkampuscom eventsurabaya eventsby eventkita konser konsermusik ifest2019 ifest weirdgenius wg weirdos lastdance wgsurabaya himaprosif uinsa nowgnoparty

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I’ve recently started logging my days into a food diary/ journal type of thing❤️ The top of the page always starts with setting my intention for the day. I feel like when I start my day with intention it puts me into a more positive and organized headspace. Im really digging this whole journaling thing? Who would’ve thought ?🤷‍♀️😜⁣ ⁣ fromfear2fitness youdoyou postpartumfitness postpartum cleaneats healthylife happywife grateful liveyourbestlife girlmom mentalhealthawareness weirdmommy weirdos

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We all want to find others who accept us after sharing ourselves completely

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LIVING IN THE 80’S. The Weirdos most criticized song was about a childhood friend named Max Livingston. According to the song, Livingston was one of their best friends growing up. It was not until they found out that he had what some called "the big gay" that they decided to stop being friends with him, and cursed him into having no friends for his entire life. Of course the band was merely illustrating the plight of queer everywhere, much the same as their contemporaries the Dead Kennedy’s did when they exhorted their fan base to “kill the poor”. • Punk rock was a safe space for alienated youth, including queercore . The DIY movement offered people a platform to verbalize their disillusionment and rage. It was in these early formative experiences that many gay men and women were first exposed to the DIY ethic, which would go on to play such a crucial role in the future Gay Liberation and AIDS activist movements, through the appropriation of radical spaces, brutal graphics and direct action tactics. • The Skeleton Club was a seminal, yet short lived punk venue in downtown San Diego, CA. It didn’t last long as it was located only a couple of blocks from the police station. In the early 1980’s the police trained their bigotry and violence on the nascent punk community when they weren’t entrapping and rounding up homosexuals from the local parks and public toilets, to fill their city coffers. • weirdos

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I wanna say I love the weight loss encouragement from my followers (a lot of you have weight loss goals of your own that I love following) you know who you are! I feel like this is an appropriate post right now because I’ve been getting a lot of weird DMs and comments that I’ve been deleting from men (and some women). Don’t send me a creepy ass DMs asking or commenting weird sh*t. I don’t want a boyfriend or to have any creepy convos with strangers on here about your weird fetishes. I’m not going to marry you so you can have a green card and I’m definitely not sending you any money. Do better weird people! You can follow me and be a weirdo creep but if you bring that to my DMs or page then you’re gonna be deleted and blocked. Now saying that the majority of people who contact me are 💯 and I’m glad I can share my weight loss with them and theirs with me, lots of ❤️to these people. belikebob creeps weirdos perverts greencards blocked nothankyounext Nigerianprinces dms comments nonudesforyou nonudessenttomeyet weightloss weightlossgoals nocoaches nosales nonudes nothankyou leavemealone directmessage declined encouragement scams conartist liars fake

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Words can't describe how greatful i am to have you guys in my life since our first meet on our first day kt kolej Tak sangka boleh jadi kawan, tablemates & housemates yang gila2 😂 selalu advice and ada time susah senang 🤩😚 but that doesnt mean i forget the others & my old lovely ones dirumah! I hope we all can stay cheerful together till the end~ Sincerely,Yanoi 😁

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Hanging out with these 2 weirdos KMart Weirdos 🤔🤣😂😎🐯🐱