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🎬 PROJECT R700 EPISODE 10 🎬 - Episode 10 has recently been filmed and is currently in the last of the editing stages before its release later this week! 👀 In this episode we have a bit of fun in Mexico by doing some motorway pulls to put our R700 Stage 2 tune to the test against the famous REVO tune. -  Make sure to watch this episode when it drops, as it was a blast to film as well as providing us with more development information which will only lead to our project becoming even faster, and closer to the holy 700bhp mark too! 💥 ⚠️ This is the start of something epic! So join us at DK TUNING on YOUTUBE for the journey ⚠️ - dktuning performanceedgeremaps cherrytuning abtuningnottingham fst_tuning mk1remaps forgemotorsport nankangtyreuk alientech_official modifiedsceneuk modified_sanctuaryuk sprintbooster insoric kirksgarage.wv mk7owners carswithoutlimits carsandcoffee thehoonigans thespeedhunters volksnation vagtuning germanrefined scorpionexhausts dave_7r cars automotive modified carculture performance modifiedcars garage motorsports westmidlands tuning dktuning cargarage carbonfiber forgemotorsport Volkswagen vw vwgolf golfr700 r700 700bhp hothatch golfr vwr dk400 scorpionexhaust 400bhp modifiedsceneuk projectcar revotuning stage2

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⚖️⚖️ Weight ⚖️⚖️⠀ .⠀ Let’s not shy away from the big issue. And what a big issue this one is. ⠀ . ⠀ I see lots of women with their own personal perception, interpretation and journey with their weight. ⠀ . ⠀ I’m not saying who is right or wrong, if people want to weigh themselves daily, weekly or never that’s fine. Go to classes for weight loss, come to exercise to lose weight or try to work it out independently. It’s all okay as long as it works and you feel great. ⠀ . ⠀ From a personal point of view, I’ve done a bit of yoyoing when I was younger. The uni days were particularly heavy 🐽🍺but I’ve always played sport and been healthy.⠀ . ⠀ I don’t own a set of scales and stopped weighing myself when I changed jobs. Realised that for me that weighting probably wasn’t the best thing to do. So eliminated it out my life. ⠀ .⠀ I’ve always been a great believer in it’s how you feel. You can be traditionally “thin” but feel bloated or you can be a bit larger with all the sass 💁‍♀️ ⠀ . ⠀ That changed for a short period when I went to PT school and had to get weighed. No biggie - I was cool with it. However, to my surprise, I was about a stone lighter than what I thought I was. A whole stone! I’d been carrying around this stone in my mind not my body. ⠀ .⠀ Couldn’t believe it - with a bit of effort and trailered training to weight loss, I lost another 1/2 stone. Body’s change all the time and I was completely oblivious how mine had changed. ⠀ .⠀ This is why progress pictures are super important but also an awareness of your body. What changes it be monthly, after training or the big things which typically change a body like motherhood. ⠀ .⠀ So moral of the story - no you aren’t going to get on the scales and lose a stone but try to become more aware of how your body does change, embrace it and work with it.⠀ .⠀ classeswcara ⠀ .⠀ telford shropshire westmidlands personaltrainer femalepersonaltrainer pt shropshirept HIITclass girlswholift bodyconfidence strongnotskinny strongandsexy fitnessjourney progressnotperfection getfit gymaddict femalept feelgood lookgood lovetheskinyourin girlswhotrain

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Blur the line between outdoors and indoors with an Ortal indoor/outdoor tunnel fire this year 🔥 With this beautifully designed product, you can add the special atmosphere created by real flames to your outdoor space or from indoors enjoy the enchantment of a flickering fire set against the landscape. heatingstudio🔥 heatingstudio heating fireplace fire tunnelfire ortalfires ortal robeys robeysfireplaces outdoorheating outdoorheaters outdoors garden gardendesign gardenlandscape interior interiordesign architecture homestyle solihull birmingham westmidlands home homerenovation homedecor homedecoration swimmingpools outdoorliving outdoorlivingspace

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Do you offer Dermaplaning in your salon? 🙋‍♀️ If the answer is no, you need to be asking yourself why not🤷‍♀️ Dermaplaning was 2018 fastest growing facial treatment and here is the reason why - ✅Removes 21 days of dead skin cells and dirt from the skin ✅Removes fine Vellus hairs (peach fuzz) ✅Anti aging ✅Reduces the apperance of Acne scars ✅smooth out rough, uneven skin ✅Allows your skincare products to penetrate deeper into the skin ✅Makeup glides on like a dream ✅Instant glowing skin 👩‍🎓Our bespoke Dermaplane training is taught on a 1-2-1 basis and includes a kit to treat 20 clients. ▪️£399 - Fully approved by Towergate Health & Beauty Contact us today to add this to your treatment menu. 🌎www.premierbeautyandtraining.co.uk ☎️0121 238 6899 📧premierbeautyandtraining gmail.com. suttoncoldfield birmimgham westmidlands beauty beautytraining beautytrainingcourses loveyourjob awardwinningtrainers beautytrainingcenter dermaplanetraining dermaplane dermaplanetreatment nomorefuzz skinspecialist lucury beautybloggers

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‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ . Helping landlords maximise there rent in the westmidlands birmingham blackcountry Serious tennats pay for our referencing application, dedicated In us, to find them their perfect homes, with many success stories, we always need support of homeowners, with their help and our help, there's always happy days, and sleep well nights For each confirmed landlord you introduce, you will receive a gift of £150 in vouchers, or have it directly into your account P.s sorry fasting. Need make time for a trim. Dry lips season 😬😔 estateagent_ray Please Share

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Stunning Aston Martin we had in for a Stage 1 Machine Polish Very high gloss levels were achieved with this well looked after motor! HIGH-Quality Detailing in the comfort of your own Home! Check out our Services 👍👍 https:windydetails.com/services Get booked in today or contact us for all and any enquiries 🙂 - WindyDetails.com - Rhys WindyDetails.com - 07542033106 (Text / Whatsapp Only) - Private Messages open! WindyDetails MobileDetailing Professional Detailing WestMidlands CarCare AutomotiveCare IloveDetailing AutoDetailing Meguiars DetailersofInstagram DetailingAddicts

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WhatIfWednesday If I didn’t take the plunge to start my One2OneDiet journey in February 2018, I really wouldn’t be where I am today! I’m so proud that I had the courage to start as i miserable stuck in a size 30, 30st body! I honestly felt trapped and embarrassed of how big I had got and constantly worried what others thought of me. My weight spiralled out of control but I was strong enough to ask for help as I was the only one that could make the changes for me! And if losing weight wasn’t enough, I was confident to take the plunge and start my own business and become a consultant helping others lose weight. It was a nerve wracking time as I didn’t know if I would be any good or if I’d enjoy it but I can honestly say i absolutely love helping others. I have always struggled with my weight so helping others is so rewarding. cwp weightloss diet happy lifechanging changinglives mumlife birmingham solihull westmidlands mealreplacement extremeweightloss focus happy mumpreneur loveyourself

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Quick car selfie on the way to deliver a colour workshop today 😃 I love sharing how colour can make a difference to how you look 💕 How’s your Wednesday going?

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I am glad that I do all year project (documentation of process) with great artist martin_green_art at coventry_cathedral :) We did twelve meetings until now. I will post three photographs from each meet, from close to six hundreds made already. • Meeting 3 (17 12 18) Photo 1 • • • • art artist artwork contemporaryart artinstallation artcurator artdocumentation artexhibition artevent art_spotlight reportage reportagephotography reportagephotographer documentation documentary documentaryphotographer documentationphotography event eventphotography eventphotographer coventrycathedral coventry westmidlands

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Officially the new range of sienna x sunless tanning range.All these beautiful products are alcohol, cruelty and animal free and are expertly blended into unique formulations with natural moisturising agents including aloe vera to ensure you get the best results 🖤 Special offers on all products dm me for details 💫💫. siennaxofficial siennaxproducts sunlesstan sunkissed westmidlands

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How I am as a person ☝️. Never try and fuck me over because you’ll be sleeping 😴😴 🐟🐟🐟🐟 with the fishes because I’m half Sicilian 😂 that famous godfather saying birminghamuk westmidlands uk london italianamerican littleitaly statenisland newjersey fuhgeddaboudit italy sicily roma palermo joepesci funny strongspirit strongcharacter godfather tonymontana scarface sopranos wiseguy wiseguys mobster mobsters italianspirit sicilian italian italiansinlondon michaelcorleone

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My attempt at getting in the frame with my boys. This was taken in the evening after mister 7’s birthday party. We took nine shots (with me running to reset it in between) but this is my favourite ☺️ and pretty much the only one that didn’t have one of us looking a bit strange 😂 so this is me, the face behind Fox and Farley, just enjoying being a mama and crying over how big they’re getting momtogcommunity intheframe telfordphotographer shropshirephotographer shropshire westmidlands birthphotographer ukbirthphotographer shropshirebirthphotographer familyphotographer documentaryphotography timestandstill momentscaptured momtogs cameramama thesincerestoryteller dearestviewfinder let_there_be_delight MagicofChildhood documentyourdays letthekids fearlessandframed our_everyday_moments littleandbrave jjitskids jjitskids_moms childrenseemagic childhoodunplugged motherhoodunplugged motherhoodrising

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If you got skills, why don't you go and represent? If you not seen, whole knows you? darkhorsemoseley . Join us tonight for Open mic night, with some good tunes, good beer, good food and good vibes! From 9.30pm 🎶 . moseley craftbeer openmic goodvibes birminghamuk talentedbirmingham artists livemusic liveentertainment openmic birminghamuk grimeuk ukhiphop ukrnb liveperformance femalemc femcee ukgrime ukrap jamming westmidlands acousticguitar indierock indiemusic singingonstage singinglive jamming rapping 0121 birminghamcitycouncil

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Bridal look number 3 ✨ For charlgriffithsxx we went for a blown out pink look 💕 This look isn’t “bridal” in the traditional sense but it just shows you don’t have to follow trend! Step outside the box 🎈 • • • • • dollbeauty lashes bridalmakeup browenvy bridal bridalmua bride whitedress brides glow glowyskin perfectskin nudelip pinkeyeshadow pinks lashenvy brows skin model walsall suttoncoldfield lichfield stafford westmidlands aldridge pelsall brownhills

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If you have give up hope on that beach bod for summer ☀️ Then quite frankly get yourself down to Bek’s for all your Chippy favourites One of Darlaston’s longest serving Chippy’s. Traditional Chippy with a modern twist. 🚏10a Wolverhampton St, Darlaston, WS10 8UQ 📞0121 572 5674 📲Just Eat Chippy Darlaston westmidlands comfortfood takeaway delivery kebab chips

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Tel Aviv was just amazing ❤ Off to Moscow via Istanbul ✈