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4 hours ago

- Tip of the Iceberg' Photo by edgar_pacific _photography A massive male humpback whale gestures toward me as Loni, our expert skipper, lines up a photo from the roof of our boat (pinch to zoom in).This playful whale would dance, and circleus for hours, often spy-hopping by peaking his head above the surface to see what was going on.Sometimes it is hard to know the magic you're missing until you peak below the surface. _ _ _ _ green_natur ❤ like. 🚀FOLLOW for amazing content. 🔔turn on postnotifications ⤵ COMMENT below →DM to someone who should SEE this _ _ _ _ _ _ tonga nature whale splitshot whales Two Chameleons playing! Photo by ©Igor Siwanowicz Photo by monudubeypench Smile Tiger…… Turia Gate, Pench Tiger Reserve. wild nature wildlife tiger turia wildlifeofinstagram wildlife_vision exclusive_animals africanamazing instaanimal safari wildlife_perfection ig_africa wildlifepark wildlifesanctuary ic_animals animal_sultans wildlifeart wildlifeofaustralia wildlifepainting wildlife_in_bl wildlife_supreme wildlifeseekers wildlifeperfection global4nature FOLLOW us for more AMAZING CONTENT and REGULAR POSTS

8 hours ago

Starting the second layer on my first two elephants! My elephants are being painted in oil. Comment what you think of these guys!

8 hours ago

Mother grizzly and cub. This is surely an approximation of scenes happening in nearby mountains as I type this (in NW Montana) right now- as they leave their winter dens in springtime. grizzlybear motherandcub littlecub babybear momartist womenartists motherhood naturepaintings wildlifeart wildlifemoments wildlifepainting mommabear wildflowermeadow montanaart montanaartists wildwest westernart wildlifeconservation animalart animalwatercolor watercolor_planet watercolor_art mountains mommabearbabybear bearkisses artistsoninstagram mothers

9 hours ago

Here is a painting I just finished. I started about a year ago on this and got inspired to do another painting and set this one aside, then I remodeled the shop and was out of the mood to paint but I got my groove back a few weeks ago and got it finished. Let me know what you think. And for you Arrowhead hunters out there, there are 2 Arrowhead in there to find. 20x30 on board in acrylic. wildlife wildlifepainting nature naturepainting acrylicpainting texaslonghorn magpie oldwest western

10 hours ago

I'm busy preparing a few pictures for an upcoming exhibition. This picture was originally a watercolour which I had printed onto quality wood slats. I then used acrylic paint and pen to add depth and detail. As with the original I was left needing Specsavers after all those stripes but *so* enjoyed it! wildlifepainting zebrapainting zebras perfectpresent

10 hours ago

Continuing to add structure & details to bring out the personalities of these crows & the wetness of the day.

10 hours ago

Photo by ©Jans-willhelm Jansen Brown Bear yoga! The train🚂🚂. Photo by majedphotos An elephant with a sand path to get rid of insects. Tanzania Ndutu. Wild Nature Wildlife Elephant Tanzania Photo by dr_m_alkandari Bloody lioness stands over zebra kill In Maasai Mara. wild nature wildlife lioness zebra wildlife_captures wildlifeart igswildlife wildlife_shots wildliferehab africanamazing safari wildlife_photography wildlifetour igs_africa wildlife_india wildlifeindia wildlifewednesday wildlifetattoo wildlifeofinstagram love_africa wildliferehabilitation animalpolis wildlifetrust wildlifepainting

12 hours ago

Who has seen one of these guys basking in the sun Don’t get too close, a bite from that mouth would hurt a lot.

13 hours ago

So pleased to hear the Cheetah original has sold! Already on the wall in it’s new home. I can’t tell you how much I loved painting this one. Huge huge thanks to helenbeechphotography for the awesome reference image cheetah cheetahs cheetahart bigcat bigcats bigcatart africancats africanwildlife wildlifeart wildlifeartist animalart animalartist fulltimeartist finishedart fineart originaloilpainting detailedart gamblin soldpainting oilpaintings oilpaintingtechniques wildlifepainting

13 hours ago

Day two is always the hardest. I start day one just throwing light and dark glazed on the canvas. Just worrying about major shapes and values. Day two and decisions have to be made. Where to start, how to treat the fur, hard edges or soft. It doesn’t matter how many paintings I do it’s always a new puzzle to complete. Maybe it’s why I like painting 😊 paintedriverstudios oilpainting art Instagramartist artistoninstagram Instaartist creativeprocess artlovers Paintingoncanvas studio artstudio workplace art4life creativeplace artistlife artistpalette creativeworkplace artsupplies makingart creativespace myhappyplace paintedriverstudios artsy artistoninstagram animalart doarteveryday studiolifestyle foxpainting wildlifepainting

13 hours ago

One of the most beautiful snake species😍😍❤️ Can you name it?? Photo by bebesaurus Follow: wildsofplanet

15 hours ago

Gannets at Bass Rock - Nick Day Pencil, chalk & charcoal. It's that time of year again when the John Busby Seabird drawing course is drawing near - can you hear the Wilderness calling? Is the smell of guano bringing out the urge to throw paint (& pencils) in all directions! Nothing like 'En plein air' to bring you nearer to the fear that haunts us allwill I get it right? That's always the questionthere's no such thing as right or wrong when it comes to art Its all about feeling gannet seabirds paintingseabirds paintingfromlife seabird wildlifegallery wildlifepainting art_worldly art_4share birdart birdartist birdartwork dswf worldlandtrust birdaddicts supportarts pencils dswf_way wildlifeartistoftheyear johnbusby

16 hours ago

Off to the printers I go 💕😁 'JUNIOR' will be part of my 'Don't forget about us' collection, and will soon be available to buy as A4 & A3 limited edition prints. After that, I then need to stop procrastinating & decide what to paint next! Blank canvases can be so daunting at times, but all I know is, the next endangered animal will have fur! & LOTS of it 😂 artist artistoninstagram art artistlife artforconservation endangeredspecies acrylics acrylicpainting fineart artprints wildlifeart wildlifeprints wildlifepainting animalart animalportraits animalartist interiordesign wallart rutlandartist elephants africanelephant newbusiness creativebusiness

18 hours ago

hoopoebird wildlifeart Common Hoopoe which mostly nest in tree trunks and this one is feeding her with an insect. They are ground foraging and eat insects and grubs. This painting is for the July birds show of AWN. It is available for sale and can be shipped rolled up, delivery after the show.18x26 oil on canvas. Many thanks to Mr Stanislav Harvancik for the reference photo wildlifeart wildanimals wildindia waterbirdgallery wildlifeconservation wildlifeofindia wildlife_india wildnature wildlifepainting wildlifeartist wild_bird wildbird wildbirds artofanimals artforsalebyartist artofbird artofinstagram artofwildlife originaloilpainting originalart originalpainting natureartwork natureart oiloncanvas oilpaintingart rasudha greenfootprintartgallery hoopoe hoopoebird indian_wildlife