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4 hours ago

Today I restored the Dragonfly. This is actually my fourth time putting it back together. I’m beginning to think someone doesn’t like bugs. Well I sure like Dragonflies and it really looks pretty now with some of the broken bottles adding beautiful blues and greens. The rock mosaics are on the earthen dam on the North side of the NMSU golf course in Las Cruces NM kathymorrowstudio palateknife palateknifepainting acrylicpainting wildlife wildlifepainting westernpainting trailofthepaintedponies interactiveacrylics painting minaturepaintings kathymorrow art artist artofinstagtam instaartist muralist scratchboard clayboardartist newmexicoartist lascrucesartist mosaicartist rockartist tannertradion innofthearts cityofthecrosses thenewmexi.co

5 hours ago

“Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

6 hours ago

South African Praying Mantis, Miomantis caffra - Immigrant to New Zealand

7 hours ago

"Today, take a look at just how far you have come. You have gone through so much, and are headed in the right directionLeave your fears behind and keep goingYour strength and perseverance will get where you want to be."👩‍🎨🎨❤ Hello Spring! 🌸🌼🌷🌻 throwbackthursday when I finished "Pieris Rapae" - acrylic painting on fredrixcanvas Canvas art artist artistsoninstagram instaartist instaart artcareer wildlifeart detail smallpainting beautiful picoftheday creative butterfly flower painting art_share artgallery springishere liqutexacrylics detailbrush fredrix fredrixcanvas goldenpaints flower artsy artistic original artoftheday wildlifepainting wildlifelover

8 hours ago

Once upon a time - in the deep forests of Costa Rica ! This is one of my older Paintings - from 92 . - I was pretty new in this country and I was amazed at the colors I could find - so lush - so diverse - I fell in love right away - and I still am 😉🐍🦋🦎🐒🐳🐢🐸🐊🐠🐡 instapainting instaart illustration artoftheday creative artsy artworld instaartist newartist painting arte macaw sketch instagood draw newart macawsofinstagram interesting costarica artvsartist gypsyjoe_ santateresa junglepainting artistsoninstagram photooftheday nature_lovers sketchbook naturepainting wildlife wildlifepainting

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Birkaç haftanın, uykusuz gecelerin, incecik fırçaları tutmaktan uyuşmuş parmakların ardından, bir resmin daha bitişi😊 🎨🎨🎨 WILDLIFE ART AFRICAN BIG 5 ASLAN & LEOPAR & FİL & GERGEDAN ve AFRİKA BUFFALOSU. ↪LION & LEOPARD & ELEPHANT & RHINO and CAPE BUFFALO 🎨🎨🎨 Sanatçı/Artist: Aysel Şengüder 40x60 cm Tual üstü akrilik/Acrilic on canvas * SİPARİŞ OLDUĞUNDAN SATILIK DEĞİLDİR (Bilgi ve sipariş için mesaj yazabilirsiniz) 🎨 africanbig5 sanat sanatçı sanatgalerisi sanatatölyesi sanataevet art artist artgallery fineart artwork instaartist contemporaryart instaart realisticpainting realisticart paintingoftheday elephant lion leopard rhino capebuffalo wildlifepainting wildlifeart wildlifeplanet wildlife africanwildlife igs_africa

12 hours ago

I have great instincts, like the instincts of a squirrel. You know, like when you're driving and a squirrel stops in the middle of the road. -Simon Helberg

13 hours ago

TBT to this cheeky little Floridian, fondly remembering sun and surf and waiting (im)patiently for the snow to recede and the temps to cliiiimb 12"x16"x1.5" oil on canvas. DM for purchase details donewithwinter bringonthesun throwbackthursday bringonspring painter painting oilpainting fineart art artforsale paintanyway gallery originalart ontarioartist canadianart instaart emergingartist artstagram artistsoninstagram kunst schilderij peinture wildlifepainting natureisneat interiordesign creativeprocess artisworship canadiancreatives

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Butterflies abound! Artist and graphic designer Mannig Gurekian uses a wide range of media to create nature-inspired works for Spring.

15 hours ago

Black-tailed Jackrabbits Inspired by my many trips to the high desert of California e1a3s8e and golden_gab were hanging out when I drew these rabbits on two separate occasions at sweetspringssaloon. Upon reviewing the sketches, I thought there was sort of an interesting dialogue between them. Two members of the same species, each with their own distinct personality Unlike a lot of my pieces which flow pretty naturally from sketch to finished piece, this one required a few re-workings. My original concept for the painting had a sun setting over mountains in the background, but it didn’t quite work for me. Once I settled on a spring-oriented color scheme I remembered seeing the moon rising mid-day on a recent hike; it became the celestial element that balanced the piece out for me. There’s something magical about seeing the moon out in the blue sky; it feels a little bit sci-fi, and it reminds me that I’m a strange & very small life form living on a planet flying through space I guess what I’m saying is that I’m here to remember, honor, and celebrate all of the crazy rad stuff that makes my home planet so amazing, including all of the bizarre and beautiful permutations of DNA that inhabit it, like these two rabbits meeting by the cholla under the moon chancemeetingoftwoblacktailedjackrabbitsandachollacactusonaballofrockinspace blacktailedjackrabbit jackrabbit rabbitart rabbitpainting rabbitdrawing rabbitillustration wildlifeart wildlifepainting wildlifeillustration artandecology rabbittattoo watershipdown fallofefrafa neoprimitive neotribal primitiveart desertart mojavedesert highdesert moonart moonpainting chollacactus cholla joshuatree californiaartist lososos morrobay slo derekschultzart

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Art by biancajulia.art ➡️ Follow the artist for more 👩‍🎨 . Which is your favorite? 1️⃣ or 2️⃣? . Let me know in the comments 😍 . For more art inspiration ➡️ Follow artfeatured 🖼 . For a feature to 42.000 followers ➡️ Message artfeatured 📩

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What a lovely watercolour video of a white wagtail by karolinakijak! Absolutely gorgeous. 😍👌 ・・・ White wagtail watercolor painting process :) / pliszka siwa w akwareli krótki filmik z malowania, zapraszam :) Music by iksonofficial

18 hours ago

A baby pygmy hippopotamus enjoying his first moments of life splashing around with its mother. The Pygmy hippopotamus is native to the forests and swamps of West Africa, primarily in Liberia 🇱🇷 with small populations in Sierra Leone 🇸🇱 Guinea 🇬🇳 and Ivory Coast 🇨🇮 wildlifeprotection wildlife_photography wildlife_in_bl animalsaddict wu_africa wildlife_seekers naturephotography wildlifepainting animalsofinstagram natgeowild love_africa exclusive_animals wildlife_inspired wildliferehabilitation wildlifeseekers wildlifepark wildlife_shots animal wildliferehab animalfanatics wildlifesanctuary ig_africa ic_animals wildlifewednesday wildlifeconservation wildlife_india wildlifeperfection wildlifeofaustralia wildlifeowners wildlifeofindia

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“What are you looking at?” 12x12. Oil on birch panel. Besides warmer temperatures, spring is also the season when bears come out of hibernation looking for food. They love dandelions. This little bear was eating along the side of the road when we spied him and he was very absorbed in the dandelions so much so that he was not at all bothered by us. Available. DM for more details. brownbear outofhibernation hibernation spring springbear kootenays kootenaynationalpark dandelion oilpainting wildlifepainting canadianartist albertaartist yycart yycnow localartist oil wildlife bear canadianbear available allartisforsale

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I have been looking trough a lot of old stuff today in my drawers and folders. Oh my i have so much!🙈 Found this neat little watercolor from back in 2013 i think. I painted it by the lake Kalvsjön, which is a very special place for me. Its where my family farm is located. Eight generations of my family has been looking out over this lake! Beautiful thougt. Have a good day! watercolor watercolorlandscape expressivewatercolor lakepainting waterpainting fieldpainting outdoorpainting wildlifepainting outdoorlife forest naturelover celebratingnature naturejournal familyfarm

22 hours ago

Doing for passion is one of the best things in life. And here is my latest passion, on the easel in all his glory! A big ambition that’s pushed me both physically and mentally - and I’ve come out the other side with something I can’t. stop. staring. at He is the start of some very exciting work ahead for me this year as I continue to build on my skills, fine tune my style and monetise my business in different ways- with hard work, there are no limits and I stand by what I always say to myself “you determine your day” so make it one you’re proud of. Stay tuned if you like big cats - my Asia series is coming in hot next month! 🔥 To enquire about purchasing this original painting please contact me via my email or website (links in bio). Limited edition A3 prints can be bought on my shop (link in bio) 📩 acrylicpainting realism wildlifepainting wildlifepaintings lionsofinstagram africanwildlife animalart animalpainting animalsofinstagram art artist artistsoninstagram artwork artistsforconservation animalartistry creative_animalart art_4share eye southafrica lion lions artforsale wildlife