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ਅੱਤ ਸਰਦਾਰ🚩✅ ☑Featuring👉 siraa.sardar ☑ 🔴SHONKI SARDAR🔵 Admin : pbo2_ala 💟💟Verified page 💟💟 👳🏻Sardar in pic is tagged👳🏻 🎯Latest sikh fashion updates🎯 🎯New outfit ideas🎯 👳🏻👔Pagg Shirt Combination👌🏻😍 🎖New updates daily 🎖 Stylish and fabulous photography 📎Dslr📸pics only 🔝👆🏻👆🏻🔝🔝 dhakkad.bande ammyvirk ranjitbawa rajvirjawandaofficial sidhu_moosewala rohanpreetsingh tarsemjassar farmar_bndey nri_sardar contest competition win marketing promotion food yummy hungry pizza pasta nom currentlywearing instastyle fashionaddict ootd gooddeal musically musician singer music birthday wedding blackandwhite tweetgram instafollow webstagram followback  instagram

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بعد لقائي باللاعب الدولي نابي كايطة قررت أن أتشارك معكم قراري بتشجيع المنتخب الغيني في منافسات كأس إفريقيا للأمم. ©️Vamos RCA 💚💚💚- 2019 casablanca morocco green rajaaroundtheworld rca rajamondial rajaday football rajadecasablanca 70ans vamosrca anniversaire passion rajaclubathletic fans rajacasablanca ultras courvasud goal raja biancoverde dimaraja maroc matchday rajawi dimaraj win plants artist 3yellow_stars

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Ok is simple I'm going to be doing a contest rules are simple 1: Submit a picture to be featured in my ig (I will post the pic and tag you) 2: send you follower to Fallow me and like your 3: from July 1 to July 31 I will monitor the pictures at the end the picture with more likes would win the price win money gift blonde black brunette contest fit workout victoriassecret

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**REPOST** Repost for Anyone who hasn’t entered yet * * GIVEAWAY CONTEST I was going to wait until I reached 1000 followers, but celebrating early at reaching 800 followers with a GIVEAWAY! Just my way of showing a little appreciation and spreading some love to one lucky follower! I’ve teamed up with who created my awesome custom cold brew 🧜🏻‍♀️ Starbucks plastic cup-to giveaway one just like these to the winner! Only open to US followers-sorry. To Enter: 1-You MUST like this post 2-You must be following me kelleyes and 3-tag at least 1 friend who you think won’t follow and then unfollow and comment giveaway in the comment section * * This giveaway is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Instagram. No giveaway accounts PLEASE! You must be following both accounts to have a chance to win and PLEASE-DO NOT FOLLOW AND UNFOLLOW as this will have you disqualified from any future giveaway contest and will have your name added to a list which will be posted for followers to be aware of so they won’t follow you. * * The contest is open until June 25th, 2019 11:59PM. The winner will be announced on this feed on Wednesday -June 26th, 2019. I will DM the winner to get details! Good luck everyone!🥰🧜🏻‍♀️🥤❤️ contest summerfun instafun win coolstuff mermaid coffee friends instafriends positivity celebrate spreadlove love summer friendship insta giveawaycontest giveaways instagiveaway

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Goblet squats with the dumbbell are great for teaching / adults to brace their trunk. It also trains the person to squat in a more efficient pattern. Unfortunately many lifters move away from what is proper for their training and move closer and closer to what is “popular” in training. This drift toward social approval and acceptance often moves the person further away from success physically. While the Atlas Stone Load may be the most superior exercise for bracing the goblet squat is among the lead pack. At different temperatures we see the different effects on water. 212 degrees it boils at 32 degrees it freezes. Exercises can introduce us to many different physical effects depending on the intensity with which we do the exercise. Like with most dumbbell exercises many are limited not by their strength but by their skill in knowing how to move the dumbbells safely and effectively into position. While there are many ways to move the dumbbell efficiently into position, this is the one she prefers. Place the dumbbell and your leg on the bench then lift the dumbbell into your thigh to readjust your hands. Believe in caution surely but at the expense of courage! You can’t be fit without being strong and you cant be strong without heavy weight and you can’t lift strong weight with a weak mind! strongman nsca army strengthcoach powerlifting deadlift squat health weightloss athlete olympics bodybuilding workout barbell ripped exercisescience nfl acsm usatrackandfield tedtalk weightlifting win strongmancorporation resistancetraining weighttraining stoneofsteel squatober strong exercisescience

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Yay! We are so excited about Free Card Friday! Come by any of our 4 Raleigh Hallmark Locations starting THIS FRIDAY June 21st and get a free card from the JUST BECAUSE card line! No purchase necessary! Must have a Crown Rewards 👑card freebie happypincher sale win beauty competition productreview contest giveaways myhallmark giveaway giveawaycontest deals freesamples free freesample coupons hallmark freebies fashion freestuff love couponingcommunity gotitfree couponcommunity hallmarkcards raleigh productreviewer raleighnc couponing

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**CONCURSO kpitalburger ** • TENDRÁS GRATIS: 2 hamburguesas a tu elección  en combo 💕🤤 (2 ganadores) • Esta semana queremos que disfrutes unas hamburguesas únicas 😍 hechas de una manera súper especial y con un sabor incomparable🤤🤤 ¿Qué debes hacer? Seguir estas simples condiciones al pie de la letra 👇👇 CONDICIONES: 1. Seguir a kpitalburger y foodlovers_medellin 2. Darle like a esta publicación 3. Etiquetar a la  persona que compartirá contigo este delicioso premio ((Mientras más comentes, más oportunidades tienes de ganar)) no famosos, no cuentas falsas. 4. Concurso válido hasta el viernes 21 de junio del 2019 a las 7 pm 5. Los ganadores serán elegidos aleatoriamente y publicados en foodlovers_medellin el día 21 de junio del 2019 6. El ganador del sorteo deberá seguir todos los requisitos para reclamar su premio, de lo contrario seguirá el proceso hasta que esto ocurra 7. El premio debe ser reclamado en las instalaciones de kpitalburger (Medellín) • • • concurso concursa giveaway ganador gana win winner participa regalo gift hamburguesas hamburguesa burger burgers artesanal food foodies foodie foodiegram blog blogger blogging giveaway foodblog instablog instafood foodlovers foodlover FoodLoversMedellin

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what do you guys wanna be when you grow up? i wanna be a stripper😤

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GIVEAWAY TIME! 😍✨ In honor of the newest Zenchie, TRUE NORTH ROUGE, I’ve decided to do a giveaway to win one! ❣️ Here’s what you need to do: 1. Follow myzenchies 2. Tag a friend in the comments below! (One entry per comment!) 3. For additional entries, add anything that’s Canadian to your story & tag myzenchies so i can see it! *Contest closes Sunday, June 23rd at 8pm & the winner will be announced on Monday, June 24th! 🇨🇦 Good luck ladies ❤️❤️❤️

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Celebrate the wins! When I had my advertising business and worked on the road a lot, alone I was sure to celebrate any sales by squeezing my 'Pig' that hung on my rearview mirror. It was a hilarious little ditty of a pig squealing and oinking in delight. I would dance and cheer and oftentimes call My Mentor or best friend and even if they didn't answer leave a message. Celebrating those sales is what got me through the next 10, 20 or 30 No's. Whether you are in sales directly or not the business you own or work for provides a product or service that must be sold. Celebrate each day each paycheck each invoice your preparing whatever it may be to show gratitude and excitement. There are enough things to get us down or distracted so really pumping up recognizing acknowledging and celebrating those Winds of your own or someone else's can help create the wave you can ride to the next one. That little pig is looking a little worse for wear and barely makes a squeak, but my dear friend Jen got me a new piggy! wealthwednesday celebrate sales money oink pig squeal dance win

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Gonna sweat for champs tonight boys come check it out

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😱NOS VOLVIMOS LOCOS😱 . SORTEAMOS OTRO MES FREE 💪 EN MAGNUMFITNESSCENTER ✅Te querés ganar un abono libre sin cargo? Es muy fácil concursar, solo debes seguir estos 3 pasos: 1. 💫Seguir nuestra cuenta magnumfitnesscenter 2. ❤ dale "me gusta" a la foto. 3. 😃 etiqueta a más de 3 personas que también quisieran participar o que simplemente necesitan comenzar a hacer deporte 👉🏻Aquél que más personas etiquete será el ganador 💪🏻 💥 El concurso finaliza el miércoles 26 de Junio . 💥 El ganador será mencionado en una "historia" el jueves 27 a las 10am concurso entrenamiento crossfit crossfitm magnumfitnesscenter gym giveaway contest win functionaltraining gimnastics weightlifting

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So this picture is from yesterday’s Fathers Day Luncheon with my family. One thing that I love most about my pops is the way that he unconditionally loves my babies and asks to babysit. I believe that all people should have the opportunity of experiencing a relationship with their father no matter what wrong that has been done in the past. Love yourself enough to forgive him and pursue the relationship while you still have a chance.

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Heat Rumor: The Miami Heat are among the few teams that have shown “some” interest in Timberwolves’ Andrew Wiggins (Via Trey Rodriguez) MHU305

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Freelancer Tip! If you’re serious about freelancing, then start separating your income and savings.

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Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose by a head - like I did in the photo finish 😕. But thats life 😑. It’s how you deal with that loss that makes you a real winner or real loser, your choice. Keep strong, run strong and never give up and you will win again 🐎🐎🐎 easiersaidthandone horseracing photofinish jockey racerider usa

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Change - run from it or to run to it! 🏃‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤾‍♀️ I embraced radical lifestyle changes and wouldn't have it any other way Here is a random rambling recount of some highlighted changes I chose to make after receiving signals from my body or the Divine Universe through intuition-which is a continued practice of strengthening. 🙏💫 I began my 🌱 greenliving🌿 journey after the first strike of OpticNeuritis⚡(not enough evidence for MS Dx at that time and the ChronicLyme was under the radar since we all thought those antibiotics had taken care of it back in 1996😖😤), in 2009 I started with an important elimination - 🚫all sugary drinks like pop/soda and energy drinks (I used to be overly dedicated to a more than full time job and was so high in stress and low on energyan early sign that was easy to explain away between work and then starting a familyI digress). I dove deeper in 2015 [after my daughter had her first seizure 🙇‍♀️], ditched chemicals (choice- Norwex & YoungLiving essentialoils), donated all plastic (choice- stainless steel lunch containers, washable snack bags, home-sewn sandwich wraps, glass mason jars for pretty much everything!), overhauled non-stick cookware (choice- cast iron and stainless), and started making my own personal care products including awesome deodorant. 2016 was a big year for exercise [full body HIIT w/ a Trainer and swimming], diet improvements and just trying to get more comfortable working the kitchen in general. I was also seeing a bunch of Drs and PTs for all my pains and 🦵 joint issues; was told I would need a donor transplant surgery for my patellas as my knees had damage beyond what using my own stuff could repair & I was too for plastic replacements🤦‍♀️ I'm grateful to have an incredibly high pain tolerance. 2017 lifestyle improvements continued, I went Vegan (another attempt to try and get my body feeling better, and save some animals/environment), I picked up a Tennis Hobby (I fell back in love with my fav childhood sport, played the USTA Summer League and was feeling like I found a lost key to a locked part of my heartthen (continued in comments)

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•Pelas más línguas, tu era predestinado ao fracasso (Tu não absorveu). •Te passaram a perna (tu nao absorveu, continuou isso te amadureceu). •Chegasse onde MUITOS com T$NTO, não chegaram. (Não é sobre conquista financeira). ⚠️Te pergunto: PRA QUE PORRA TU ESTAIS DANDO MORAL PARA AS MÁS LÍNGUAS, JOVEM? Faz o teu nao, visse Bom descanso e levanta predestinado a vencer, meus lindos e lindas. Vamos comigo?❤🚀🙏🏼 jonathachocolate vencer vencernavida euvouvencer vouvencer nascidosparavencer vencerevencer boravencer venceremos vencerouvencer vamosvencer motivacaoparavencer vencersempre vencerécontagiante vencerdesafios vontadedevencer vencedor vencedores fabricadevencedores sejaumvencedor juntosvenceremos win winner winners photooftheday