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Who actually doesn’t immediately think of finding nemo 🤷🏻‍♀️🍊

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Healy Hall, Georgetown University. Pen & Ink 8x10 Congratulations Sara! 🎓

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First plein air painting of 2019 at Lake Chabot. This rainy season and my work schedule has been good at keeping me from getting out. But arilennox convinced me to just get up and get out there. Thank you Ari. I believe this painting is already spoken for. badgalriri keeps askin me when she’ll get a painting when will she get a painting, and I’m like look you’ll get one. Just be patient, and don’t lie to me. Please. rihanna rihannasexy arilennox arianagrande thankunext badgirlsclub smoove paint winsorandnewton gamblin ramadan pleinairpainting pleinairpainter pleinair air tree green blue eastbay eastbayeats sheabutter whippedsheabutter shaylia leelajames erykahbadu jazminesullivan

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So I tend to use a little bit of everything in each painting (mostly acrylics) so it can get quite chaotic in here. About once a month I have to rearrange it all mostly by type and/or brand. It’s so satisfying to look at it all neatly arranged (even if only for a couple of days 😂).

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139/365 • 🎼🌸

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Sweet Woodruff, German (Waldmeister)Latin (Galium odoratum) native to Europe, Ireland and east to Russia loves shade and was a traditional herb grown for it’s clean scent and is also known as a “Bedstraw” but not to be confused with Lady’s Bedstraw (Galium verum) and others (Galium triflorum). It’s used in the flavouring of traditional May wine such as German “Maitrank” and other drinks and foods herbology medievalgarden botany botanicalartist flowerpainting winsorandnewton gouache gouachepainting watercolour herbalism floralart folklore slowliving farm rural slowlife hemlockharrow oldworld countryside folklife watercolor_daily botanicalartlovers illustrationnow

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It took some time away from my regular drawing to study the illustrations by John R Neil In the book of "The Tin Woodman of Oz" by L.Frank Baum. The mindset in duplicating these drawings was to reproduce them line for line. So I would understand what the illustrator was going through as he originally produced them. laart lovepaper worldofpencils worldofartists pencil pencildrawing laart drawing sketch sketchbook lowbrowart ink colorpencil pencilart characterdesign illustration artistoninstagram artwork instacool instagood comics redpencil prismacolor canson winsorandnewton redpencil popsurrealism penandink pen phanasu childrensbooks vintageillustration

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FINALLY I FINALLY MADE A DRAWING OF woyoos HER NEW MOON I LOVE HIM 🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙💕🌙 ocfanart oc fanart friendoc moonchild cute traditional watercoloroc watercolorpainting watercolor fantasy winsorandnewton gansaitambiwatercolor

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Where is your favourite place to relax?⁣ .⁣ For me, its outside. If I'm at home, just going out and play with the dogs is enough to get me in a good mood. If I really want to chill, going for a good bush walk by myself can help be shake off any stressful situation.⁣ .⁣ This image is based on a photo I took last year in Iwakuni, Japan. I loved the scene of the shrine overlooking the water. Such a beautiful country.⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ ⁣ shrine iwakuni iwakunibeauty japan traveler relaxing peaceful tranquility blackworknow duende_arts_help art_toinspireblackandwhite monochrome bw bnw bnw_planet blackandwhiteonly bwoftheday instablackandwhite blackandwhite_perfection artphoto_bw winsorandnewton watercolour watercolorart traditionalartwork painting paint fineart buyhandmade igblacknwhite

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As always, the edges look way harder on photo 😓 And the hills look like 💩 here. Given that I shpuld not have used that color (Van Gogh special effect series) there must be something about the way people take their pictures of watercolor that makes it look so much better (e.g. as in person, or at least more or less like that). The pink clouds were an experiment. Not gonna do that technique I attempted here, again. watercolor aquarelle paint painting sketchbook hahnemühle hahnemühlesketchbook 250gms winsorandnewton winsorandnewtonaquarelle winsorandnewtonwatercolors schmincke schminckeaquarell schminckewatercolor schminckeakademie schminckehoradam royaltalens royaltalensvangogh vangoghwatercolors vangoghaquarelle artist

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Got to keep practicing