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“Embrace what makes you unique, even if it makes others uncomfortable. I didn’t have to become perfect because I’ve learned throughout my journey that perfection is the enemy of greatness” janellemonae letsbloomtogether creativewomen womeninmusic 🇺🇸

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I had the absolute pleasure of working with ccarpentermusic again last week. We met a year ago at a music festival in Gloucester. She was performing and I was covering the event. The sun was setting over the rooftop car park and the colours were amazing so I plucked up the courage to ask if she’d want to do a quick photoshoot with me. The photos turned out great (she still uses them for her promo, which is rad!) and we stayed in touch. Then, almost a year later, she’s jumping on a plane to Germany to work on a series of new photos with me! I’m incredibly proud of this series and all the hard work we both put into it. It just goes to show that you never know where you’ll find clients, make friends and create opportunities. More photos to come. 💫

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I’m feeling like my courageous, protagonist Emily, taking the stage, as I announce: Publication day has arrived! You can find CERTAIN LIBERTIES on Amazon and other online booksellers worldwide in Kindle and paperback editions. Both include a special section for Book Club Questions too! The quick link to all of my books can be found in my profile above.

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Big up ultimateseminar & kwamekwaten for engineering this & for selecting me to attend yesterdays ultimatescout warnerbrosmusic opportunity. I was ALL EARS josephkentish was speed dropping those A&R gemz/insight/feedback on our chosen acts & Tobi lovin your artist awareness & Knowledge jeeeeeeeeeeze! 🎶🤓🎶 Equally great to be surrounded by such passionate A&R peers. 💪🏾 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 womeninmusic musicbusiness womeninmusicbusiness femaleA&R scout femaleartist warnerbrothers londonlife ukmusicscene musicplatform femaleproducers femaleartist ukmusic musicuk musicindustry girarmy

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I’m calling Blockbuster

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FLASHBACK ROMANCE • Track 7 in collaboration with thehonestjones • I’m a bit lost for words with this one but it inspired all the other songs on the album so it’s extra special to me. It has a complicated and heavy story but at the end of the day it’s about taking the time to remember some of the moments that made you who you are. Good or bad, they’re still special & these moments deserved to be documented 🧡 Produced by jessellenmusic • mixed by joshietelf • mastered by masteringguy

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אמנית השבוע: שירה זיידמן shiraz מה האמנות שלך: אני מוזיקאית. זמרת, יוצרת, מלחינה וכותבת. מלמדת באופן פרטני מוזיקה ומתמקדת בעיקר בפיתוח קול והגשת שירה. בנוסף אני מנהלת הרכב נוער בתקוע. מופיעה עם חומרים מקוריים שלי ברחבי הארץ כבר מעל לעשור בין השאר בפסטיבל חוצות היוצרת ב gushetzion , ב- bar_giyora תל אביב, ירושלים, וביקבי עמוס - בתקוע. עושה גם הפעלות מוזיקליות לילדים. לומדת כ-5 שנים הגשת שירה אצל המאסטר haimpaniri ולפניו למדתי אצל  yael_deckelbaum בשנת 2015 יצא לאור אלבום הEP הראשון שלי: "אל תוך עצמך" בהפקתו של david_lifshitz_musicstodio תושב תקוע ד'. עובדת בימים אלה על סינגל חדש שכתב meirariel .בביקור שלי בבית משפחת אריאל התרחש שיתוף פעולה שבו ישבנו ופתחנו טקסטים שטרם הולחנו ויצאו לאור. זכות גדולה. איך הגעת לזה: כשלמדתי ביסודי הרגשתי שהמוח שלי רוקד מנושא לנושא (הפרעות קצב וריקוד) ואני לא מצליחה להתרכז בנלמד בכיתה. מצאתי את עצמי ממציאה מנגינות לפני מבחנים וככה מצליחה לעבור. לאט לאט עם הזמן והביטחון שרכשתי הבנתי שכאשר אני מתעסקת במוזיקה - אני מוצאת את הכח, המקום והשפה שלי בעולם. לא אשכח את הפעם הראשונה שנחשפתי לוויטני יוסטון בטלויזיה. זוכרת את עצמי עומדת נדהמת למול הקול העוצמתי והדרמטי של האישה הגדולה מהחיים הזו. מאז בעצם נוצר בי הרעב והרצון לחקור את מוזיקת הנשמה והגוספל שהתחברה בחיי הבוגרים גם לטקסטים יהודיים. אחד הרגעים המכוננים קרה דווקא בהודו הרחוקה, קצת אחרי שהתחתנו נסעתי עם שי לטיול ושם פגשתי במורה מקומית לפיתוח קול- אניטה המדהימה, שלימדה אותי הרבה דברים שלא ידעתי שקיימים בי. זרעה בי אמונה עצמית ואת רזי הסלסולים ההודים ופתחה בפניי אהבה גדולה למוזיקה הודית. חלק מהשירים שלי עד היום מושפעים מאותו טיול, לדוגמא: "אבינו מלכנו" - שיר שלי שהולחן בהרי הימצ'ל פרדש שבהודו. קישור לערוץ יוטיוב של שירה בביו! המשך הראיון בתגובה הראשונה ⁦👇🏽⁩ מרכזאומניםתקוע אומניתהשבוע אומןהשבוע תקוע אמנות מוזיקה מוזיקאית tekoa musicperformance jewishmusic womeninmusic

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Si no habéis oído hablar todavía de Chloe Foy, el FemPop en el Castell de Montjuic es parada obligatoria este sábado. La joven cantante inglesa reparte joyas como pocas. La traemos por primera vez a España para un concierto íntimo, antes de que se convierte en un punto pequeño en un enorme escenario lejano. Últimas entradas ✨ en el link de la bio ✨

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A HUGE thank you to all of the wonderful people who came along last night. A lovely evening spent sofarbudapest listening to the beautiful Maton Ho and jonnymorganmusic luketeal96 and a perfect audience to share it with 💛 we are off to explore for the day then we’ll be heading to Debrecen for a show tomorrow ✨ Hungary Budapest debrecen sofarsounds

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“Unless you carve out time for the life you want to live, you literally won’t be living itever!” If you want to Inspire Your Way To Living Your Wildest Creative Dreams and take real action in your music career and get results, this workshop event is for you. But there are only 3 tickets left Event link below Sunday 26 May, 10am-4pm, Brisbane. Image of Francesca, taken by Christophe Berjot in Paris songwriter singersongwriter wildestcreativedreams iheartsongwritingclub music artist womeninmusic inspiration paris confidence motivation takeaction

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Advertisement! Thank you to "Hello Stage" platform for supporting us by announcing the Festival's submission deadline and spreading the word about us! If you don't know about Hello Stage check out the link hello_stage and follow for more international music matters. Stay creative! Submission closes 1 August festival swissmusicfestival femalecomposers switzerland sfcfestival katharinanohl womeninmusic submission deadline swissartist madeinswitzerland newmusic music composers creative performer artist

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Had the great pleasure of performing for the 2019 FAMU NAA Inauguration Concert, in honor of our esteemed NAA President, Colonel Gregory L Clark! I am incredibly humbled, thankful, and honored to have received the NAA President’s Award. Words can’t express my gratitude for this recognition. I LOVE my Alma Mater! 🧡💚 COLAC FAMU FAMUAlumni RattlerNation KimberlyHolloway recordingartist singer songwriter musician performer Entertainer independentArtist iTunes amazon Spotify ReverbNation iHeartRadio soulmusic jazz randb soul livemusic music vocalists photography NeoSoul womeninmusic

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Broome mob Are you or any women you know wanting to pursue a career in music? Never recorded or released your music? I’ve hooked up with the amazing team apraamcos and am providing mentorship for one lucky woman in Broome to do just this! There’s some financial support to help make this happen too. Check out the info here or at the APRA AMCOS website. Can’t wait to see who I’ll be working with. Please forward through your networks if there’s someone that you think would benefit from the program. 🙌 womeninmusic thekimberleyaustralia broome music mentor apra performer songwriter mentorship

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MAKE IT HAPPEN! We are women on a mission. We understand the STRUGGLE is REAL! Thats why we have our inspirational speakers & onthecouch conversations girpopupclub so you can hear first hand the women that have made it happen for them! Our next onthecouch convo at Girpopupclub event is JUNE 20TH tileyardlondon Join us! LINK IN BIO! supportedbyprsf Girlsirate equalisingmusic GIRARMY GIRPopUpClub GIRArtsAcademy SupportedByPRSF Tileyard GIR femaleartists femalecreatives womeninmusic musicevent ukmusic

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shooting a music video for our song 'fragile'. who says you can't do it all yourself? bts

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This time next week I'll finally be able to share my new song Second Chance. I've loved releasing each of these animals into the wild - but not gonna lie - it's a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. Every song has a story made for a moment. And this song is really quite dear to my heart. It's a song about weakness, about realising you're not quite matching up to the expectations you set yourself. It's about those thorny little whispers that tell us we're not enough, and it's about how desperately we need grace. Each and every one of us. Mark it on your calendar, put it in your diary, follow me on Spotify, SECOND CHANCE is out next Tuesday! I can't wait to share it with you 💕📷 shot_by_alice

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'Women On The Podium' was such an exciting initiative for us and we hope to offer it again soon! Have a listen to our new episode of 'Music On The Move' where Bourby sits down to talk with Conductors Jessica Gethin and Alice Farnham about the successful weekend! Listen on Soundcloud or wherever you binge your podcasts perthsymphony womenonthepodium womeninmusic businesswoman conductor femaleconductor takingupthebaton perthmusic perth perthisok girlpower leadership podcast podcaster podcastlife

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Been a bit behind posting our fabulous students work due to a mountain of marking. On the coach to London now with time on my hands so advance warning of repost photo deluge. Repost from amyfarrerphotography - My final major university project is finally complete! ‘LADIES BEHIND THE RAGE’ gives an insight into the everyday, personal and creative lives of the women involved in the collective that is Ladies of Rage. ❤️ Want to find out more? Fill in an order request to purchase a copy of the zine - LINK IN BIO! photojstudent photojournalism zine diyzine zineculture photozine print graphicdesign finalmajorproject ladiesofragecardiff women femaleempowerment genderimbalance urbanmusicgenres womeninmusic cardiffmusicwomen girlpower interviews portraits

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I think these faces say it all 🎶

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Repost trendandchaos hollyhendersonofficial ——— Holly Henderson’s single “Pride Can Wait” is the second taken from her upcoming album “Monday Green”. Link in bio. Pre-order the album too!✨

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doubt stands in the doorway⠀⠀ disguised as love, covered in dreams⠀⠀ demanding that you dance for him⠀⠀ you dance until you bleed⠀⠀ there's bars on every window⠀⠀ should you ever try to leave⠀⠀ there's blindfolds hung up, drying⠀⠀ should you ever try to see⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ how did you plan to get your freedom back⠀⠀ you said you’d never lose it⠀⠀ in the backyard ⠀⠀ there’s an echo of your ghost⠀⠀ and I got used to it⠀⠀ oh I got used to it⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ lyricsquote lyricsoftheday musiclyrics lyricsquotes lovelyrics lyricsmatter lyricsart instalyrics poetryaccount poetryloving poetry_addicts poetryisart poetryworld poetrydaily poetryisalive poetryflow poetryoftheday lifeismusic musicmatters⠀⠀ musicthatmatters musicstillmatters musicmakers musiciansofig musicianofinstagram musiconinstagram musictips⠀⠀ moremusic spotifyartist ⠀⠀ femalemusicians womeninmusic ⠀⠀

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Birthday Night Gigging 🥳 Now I know why everyone loves to play at a house ‘house’ party 😏 I loved the warm ambience and how everyone vibed especially considering they were hearing me play for the first time haha You guys were amazing! Thank you 💋 Stay tuned for my next gig update! Swipe left to see what I’m talking about. 🎥 nishthanath i love you xxxx sashaywithshaiflai shaifeeling housemusic privategigs birthdaygig birthdaygirl taurean maygirl growingolder friendslikefamily bangalorediaries mod birthdaygig memories grateful love happiness sashaywithshaiflai femaledj womeninmusic igdaily love mod traktor allenandkeith techno jam

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Can we talk about how much I LOVE seeing women killing it on stage??! 😍👍🏻

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1 or 2? 🙈 Been taking care of myself, damn it. Quit smoking cold turkey (I was a pack-a-day smoker the last year or so), cut back on the drinking by roughly 95%, (I had a death wish), I'm exercising, loving the people in my life If you thought I was a crazy bitch before, you ought to see how I roll focused. ☠️ happy healthy focused mindovermatter blonde thankful bossbabes femalepower motivation sexy strong music guitarplayer bass singer losangeles womeninmusic fridaymood friday

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oh baby i’m a black belt at punching myself when i’m down but to all the ones clawing my back to anvil me to drown if i keep moving soon you’ll only be a distant sound • 📷 svetj mua kissedbyloki

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Release deadline coming soon.

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Petites infographies faites avec les merveilleux tampons fanfarons de nina.deux, pour Juliette, dans le cadre de son Master a Paris 8. Mardi dernier elle présentait le résultat de ses recherches « La fanfare au prisme du féminisme intersectionnel » Ici donc quelques chiffres axés sur le genre en fanfare ; d’après Juliette, il faut savoir que les chiffres sont un peu biaisés, car sur la centcinquantaine de fanfare a avoir répondu, pas mal d’anciennes fanfares manquent à l’appel, et beaucoup sont de jeunes fanfares donc très féminisées par rapport à des groupes plus anciens (comme beaucoup d’autres groupes/formations et dans d’autres domaines, les fanfares se masculinisent en vieillissant et en se professionnalisant) Lors de la conférence, les intervenantes nous ont également parlé de leurs expériences et des rapports de classe et de race dans ces milieux Bravo à elles et Juliette, et si tout cela vous intéresse, les débats ont été enregistrés (chercher « fanfare and the supremes » sur SoundCloud, ils seront bientôt mis en ligne), et Juliette organise une nouvelle table ronde le 2&3 octobre prochain à Paris 3 et Paris 8 Note pour les différentes images : • sur les chiffres des proportions par pupitre : Juliette Estime qu'il faudrait diviser les chiffres par 10 pour représenter la réalité des formations fanfares dans leur ensemble, en France. Ce qui revient donc à environ 1% de femmes soubas/percus • sur la majorité de femmes chez les saxophones : sachant que les bois (clarinettes et différents saxophones) sont, je cite "les seuls pupitres non indispensables à la formation fanfare" • sur les fanfares professionnelles : * Sur l'ensemble des fanfares ayant répondu à l'enquête. Une des intervenante d'ailleurs, est tromboniste chez les Grizzli, fanfare pro n'ayant pas complété l'enquête. Même si elles sont en fait présentes dans les fanfares pro, les femmes restent tout de même très très minoritaires dans ce type de formation.