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2 days ago

•“Todays a perfect day just to be happy”• After a good sabbath rest, I find the following day (Sunday) a bonus day to start the week. And that’s why for me its gonna be a Perfect day, not only because I’ve planed it that way., But rather decided to maintain a positive mindset no matter what happens. goodstart goodstartjones Wolverhampton Woodsack backpack backpacker travel beach springtime springsummer2019 sunny sunshine beachwear beachlife beachday melanin black designerbag goodvibes headphones luxury mensfashion womansfashion motivational happysunday motivational_quotes motivationalsayings dailymotivationalquotes sabbath

1 week ago

Art is kinda a big deal around the world. It has the potential to influence everything in our life. Ranging from entertainment , music , fashion politics etc…which all makes up our own unique world view. “RARITIES” (a company made up of artist that will hand paint custom artwork on footwear.) a while ago now, decided to make a statement on a woodsack slim using the wood as a blank canvas. I like the effect. As it makes me remember the sound of waves hitting the beach as I’m walking along the sand… The point is, that’s the power of art. If used well it can create emotions both good and bad. I hope the talented amongst use will use their powers wisely. goodstart goodstartjones wolverhampton artist art woodsack backpack backpacker travel carryyourself designerbags wood woodbags artsy artlovers artistoninstagram bagseller fashionbags bagsforsale bagshopping bagstyle painting backpackersintheworld backpackkid backpackfashion eastpack woodart woodartwork woodartcustom

1 week ago

Show of hands. Who's got that Friday feeling?? We most certainly have, and while yes it's cold and windy (or at least it is here in the UK), don't be afraid to get out and explore this beautiful world that we are lucky enough to call home. Live your best life and all that Photography by paris_miami goodstart goodsartjones carryyourself wolverhampton travelbag wood woodsack lookaroundyou nature parks england britishmade craftsmanship adventure blackguys countryside woodsman backpacks rucksacks fashion bags mensfashion backpacking womensfashion westmidlands trees green

2 weeks ago

What's in a name? Goodstart Jones is more than just a name. It's a mantra, a way of thinking. The first and last letters of the word "Goodstart" are connected forming a start line in front of the word. The "Jones" that sits beneath makes it personal to our founder and serves as constant reminder. Everything comes together to symbolise the belief that sits at the core of our business. In everything that you do, make a good start! This way of thinking runs through everything that we do. We're incredibly proud of the products we produce and the things we have achieved, but we want to inspire each and everyone of you to keep making a Goodstart goodstart wood inspire men women craftsmanship wolverhampton woodsack totebags engraving canvas backpack fashionbags keeppushing handmadeinengland westmidlands wolves naturalmaterials bags uk

2 months ago

Our bags and ideas have evolved over the years, travelled to many places and been put to good use. But we are definitely not done yet ! • • Goodstart GoodstartJones Wolverhampton

2 months ago

Handmade Everything! Here we cut and sew every stitch. Here we have one of the most important parts of any Woodsack, the top stitching around the edge of the top flap being applied. It may look simple, but that's a result of practice, time, and then some more practice practice 2019 newyear goodstartjones workshop woodsack handmade backpack rucksack wood madeinengland custommade designerbags fashion mensfashion womansfashion sewing sewingmachine wolverhampton uk england ebayseller birmingham studentlife lifeskills

3 months ago

PARIS by Goodstart Jones | spent a few weeks working on the wood combining the best quality woodcuts with Paris's various illustrations combined with a hard wearing clear varnish coating, which makes it super tough and weather resistant for any woodsack you choose. This is definately one to watch graphicdesign britishmanufacturing woodworking artistic artist bagmanufacturer goodstartjones woodsack illustrator designer fashionable mensfashion styleblogger womensfashion fashion backpacks rucksack schoolbag designerbags forsale somethingspecial birmingham birminghamuk wolverhamptonbusiness retailrevival wood carpentry

3 months ago

It's the session for DARK MODE | Black on black custom Woodsack XL Made to order. Limited Quantity. For a Limited TimeOnly because we're in mood for dark mode on everything again. Last year we found a home for 80 of these custom Woodsacks to rather adventurous owners around the world. So Maybe this time we can do the same again. Since we really like working together with potential owners in creating something truly original. Yes its just one size and available in only black. But the creative ideas previous owners made us do was quite surprising. Plus it made our team raise our game in thinking out the box when it came to the details. Honestly, We like the challenges customers like you give us to do goodstartjones woodsack backpack carryeverytying designerbags travel handmade madeinengland wolverhampton birmingham fashion mensfashion womensfashion black nature woods autumn winter travelacssoeiries students walkers backpackers college back-to-school blackeverything darkmode schoolbag

3 months ago

It’s always Camo Season ! Just trying a new thing with the black wood panel. We think it compliments the backpack it really well [The black panels are only available on request]. Let us know in the comment section what you think Model: David Jones  Photography: Tinita Solomon • • • woodsack goodstartjones backpack rucksack camouflage wolverhampton travel mensfashion womansfashion autumn nature fashion blackman wood photoshoot fun schoolbag designerbag handmade madeinengland asos blackbag luggage backpacker carryyourself composition woods colour

7 months ago

At TRENDiPEOPLE we believe in empowering people with skills in fashion and connecting them to clients. Check out goodstartjones who makes custom bags of any size, shape or form. Want a personalised bag then reach out to them. Here they're showing off their signature Woodsack Bag custommade personalised racksack backpack totebag personalisedfashion creatives woodsack goodstartjones madeinbritain madeinuk britishcraftmanship britishmade madeinengland schoolbag handbag tailormadetravel madeinengland🇬🇧 handmadebag creativeengland bagdesigner bagdesign

8 months ago

There are few things that make a product feel more special than getting the chance to customise it to suit your tastes. A while back we had the realisation that it's practically impossible to cater to everyone, and there will always be those who are looking for something extra special and unique to them. So we thought, why not let those customers tell us how they want their Woodsack to look? We can offer everything from little detail enhancments, to printed or fully engraved wood panels and custom linings. Your the boss, so why not get in touch, and let us build your perfect Woodsack backpack woodsack goodstartjones handmade designer designerbags sewing fashiondesign fashion custom forsale wood birmingham madeinengland fabric mensfashion womensfashion backpacker back2school backtocollege wood converse eastpak woodwork video cool black selfmade  england

8 months ago

Things have been unbelievably busy at Goodstart Jones recently, and we have been pushing extremely hard to try and get things done. At times it has felt like we are fighting an unwinnable fight, but as Rafael E. Pino said - "Perspective is the way we see things when we look at them from a certain distance and it allows us to appreciate their true value” So we took a step back and looked at what we are doing, and what we saw was not our stress or our perceived shortcomings, but how far we have come. We adore what we do and we are so proud of the business we have built and are still building. We definitely saw the true value of Goodstart Jones We urge all of you to not just dream big, but to fight with everything you have to make your dream a reality. If you can do that, then maybe one day you will stand back, look at what you have created, and be filled with same level of pride that we felt today goodstartjones madeinengland handmade backpack rucksack england uk wolverhampton birmingham usa america london woodsack wood custombags summer perspective dreambig believeinyourself buildthedream nevergiveup

8 months ago

Today we were thinking back to the time we went for an adventure in the breathtaking Lake District. It was nowhere near as warm as it has been recently here in the UK, but it's always good to get out and explore this beautiful world we call home. Where will your next adventure take you? goodstartjones summer lakedistrict woodsack wood adventure thegreatoutdoors carryyourself explore uk england wolverhampton birmingham usa america backpack rucksack mensfashion womensfashion allworknoplay hiking hikingadventures madeinengland

8 months ago

Today was no different to any other here at Goodstart Jones. Make, make, and then make some more. It's very empowering to make something with your own hands. Turing a number of parts into one singular item. If you haven't noticed, handcrafted items are kind of our thing. Music: Julian Avila - Pineapple Paradise (soundcloud.com/julian_avila/pineapple-paradise) goodstartjones handcrafted handmade madeinengland uk england wolverhampton birmingham summer woodsack design sewing usa america wood carryyourself blackbusiness fashion bags backpack sewingmachine mensfashion womansfashion backtoschool rucksacks learningtosew cool art

8 months ago

Reminiscing of the time when we made XXXL woodsacks for our selves and tested it them on our visit to London. We learned that any XL woodsack or even any larger bag we make needs a wider straps with a second layer of memory foam. Trust me on this woodsack london backpack goodstartjones travel rucksack studentlife summer springbreak learning handmade madeinbirmingham fashion bags designerbags womansfashion mensfashion childrensfahion blackmen blackbusiness streetwear funny birmingham skater wood art cool music

9 months ago

Woodsack Wisdom - Having the ability to imagine beyond the things we see and know to be true is the basis of every great invention or major breakthrough. Knowledge can be acquired, but it's our imagination that drives us to seek it. Where will your imagination take you? - - - - - - - - imaginegreater dreambig imagination goodstartjones woodsack wood madeinengland handmade uk birmingham wolverhampton usa america knowledge teach power masteryourcraft backpack rucksack quoteoftheday blackbusiness carryyourself luggage designerbags summer mensfashion womensfashion inspire engraving design

1 year ago

Introducing mrdbeckford or as I like to call him Mr B. The bowtie maker and much much more. This guy can do anything very very well. For instance that woodsack backpack he's rocking is a print he both designed and handprinted him self. So how could I pass up the opportunity to work with the Mr D Beckford again. Hey, sometimes I feel it's not the product that we produce in the end which is the objective. But instead more the actual fun in creating and learning improving our skills and craftsmanship that matters the most at times. Wouldn't you agree? designerbags designers madebyme custommade black rasta afropunk happy printedfabric goodstartjones summer backpacklife backpackselfie handsome blackguy wood woodart cool fashionaddict mensstyle mansfashion fashion colour

2 years ago

Train stations are cold about 9pm Here's a few photos from the shoot last week for goodstartjones exclusive black on black woodsack. Love this bag so much 😍😍