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💢NO CALORIE AND LOW-CALORIE SAUCES💢 - ❤️🙇🏼If you enjoyed this post please make sure to follow upnorthathletics and like, share and comment or tag someone you think would benefit from this🙋🏼‍♂️! - 👉🏼WHAT'S YOUR FAVOURITE SAUCE?! LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!👈🏼 - ❌No Calories - Mustard - Franks Hot Sauce - Any Walden Farms Product - 👍🏻Low-Calorie Sauces - No Sugar Added Ketchup (10 calories for 1tbsp) - Soy Sauce (10 calories for 1tbsp) - Teriyaki Sauce (15 calories for 1tbsp) - Skotidakis Tzatziki Sauce (22 calories for 1tbsp) - Salsa (5 calories for 1tbsp) - No Sugar Added Syrup (10 calories for 1tbsp) - Sauces can add up, just be mindful! If you're trying to lose weight these sauces can help add flavor to your foods! 🙌🏼💙Need more information on this topic? Message upnorthathletics and he will gladly help! 📤

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Everyone wants a nice bod & doesn’t want to put in the work & frankly I’m tired of the excuses. 🛑 👙 🤯🗣🗣🗣Let’s be honest everyone we’ve heard it before you can’t outwork a BAD diet. Whether you’re you not eating enough to fuel your body or if you’re overeating your above your maintenance caloric intake in both cases YOU WILL NOT GET TO YOUR GOALS You want to find that happy place of starting to see long lasting results in the gym & in the kitchen plus getting FIRE accountability then DM me let’s get serious I am here for you! I have three offers going on right now : 8 week challenge enrollment only till 5/2 with only 3️⃣ SPOTS LEFT Nutrition Only 12 weeks or 24 weeks & Nutrition and training 12 weeks or 24 weeks You want to get motivated to DM me look in the mirror and tell yourself how you feel. And I mean this out of love❤️ because I don’t want you to feel like this anymore 🔴 bootygains🍑 healthylifestyle hydration workoutroutine bootygrow gymfreak fatloss buildmuscle musclegain fitcouples workoutpartner waistsnatcher

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Let the best in you shine!👑 There will be some good n few not so good days Days when you are excited n days you are low on life At times what matters is you Show up no matter what ❗️ Be motivated for your dreams 💪🏽 Workout credit yogeshparewa19 motivation inspiration workout workoutroutine workoutmotivation workouts workoutoftheday gym gymmotivation gymshark gymaholic gyminspiration fitness fitnessmotivation fit fitnessgirl fitnessmodel fitspo fitfam fitnesslife instafit instafitness instafitsociety fitindia bodytransformation bodybuilding shelifts girlswholift muscleup pump

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Happy Friday! 👊🏻 Take time this weekend to go for a walk, run or get a quick workout outside💪🏻 Spending time outdoors can function as a natural medicine. It can improve your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing 🙌🏻

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Friday arms done plus ✅ 300 Pull-ups ✅ and then (drumroll please) 300 dips ✅💥- sore as fck, but it's got to hurt if you wanna callous the mind. (Ie wear big girl panties 🤣) fitat50 canthurtme fitas workoutroutine

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❗️Dropsets❗️ Are a great road to lifting. Dropsets are when you go from a heavy weight to a lighter weight. A simple way to explain this is In this case let’s say your leg muscles are a peanut butter jelly sandwich (PBJ) = muscle fibers This means if you do a dropset it will develop even the deepest muscle fiber = Starting from the bread to the peanut butter to the jelly. 🙌🏼 So it kind of hits them all. That’s why you “look bigger” . It’s very effective BUT it does not ❌focus on strength/power. It’s kind of like high 5-ing everyone at work so they aren’t left out. Don’t get me wrong it’s good Bc ✅ you’ll look symmetrical. ✅ build growth in each muscle fiber ✅intensifies workout✅saves times Stay tuned for future post I’ll let you know the pros and cons to many other gym tings 🙃🙌🏼 • gym workout workoutvideos workoutroutine gymmotivation gyminspiration fitness fitnessmotivation fitgirls fitspo goldsgym dropset weighttraining bodybuilding physique why pro con gymlife sneakers weight strengthandconditioning gymtime

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Don’t expect to be motivated everyday to get out there and make things happen. You won’t be. Don’t count on motivation. Count on discipline.

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needing some good postpartum workouts for at home as well as in the gym! Anyone have advice? We have been walking as much as possible but on days like today would be nice to have something I could do while walker naps! With Tyler back to work it seems the gym may be for weekends or if grandma/gg visit during the week, atleast until we get this little mans bedtime sorted out! Help a girl out!

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ผู้หญิงเรานะคะ การมีก้นขาสวยๆมันมีเสน่ห์นะตัวเธออออออออ มาหาพี่นะคะ ถ้าอยากช่วงล่างสวยๆเฟิร์มๆ มาหาพี่นะ พี่จะจัดให้สมใจ เด่ว สมใจใคนพูดดดดดดดิ ปล.ขอโทษหนุ่มๆนะะพี่ไม่มีเวลาถ่ายคลิปเลย อยากมีคลิปตะโกนเรียกพี่นะ abs absworkout sixpack bootyworkout bootyburn fullbodyworkout hiit menfit ledyfit hiitworkout tabata food diet healthy exercises dumbbell bosuworkout squatworkout legs legsworkout glutes gluteworkout gym gymlife fitness fitweighroutine fitworkout workoutroutine bodyworkout motivation

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Quick little ab circuit I did this morning 👌🏼 3 sets of 15 V-Ups, 3 sets of 20 Russian Twists, and 3 sets of 20 Elevated Russian Twists. 1 minute rest in between. **dont let your toes touch the ground during the V-Ups** Engage your core by squeezing through your belly button. If you’re not engaging the muscle group you’re targeting you aren’t doing the exercise properly, and you will not see results Happy Friday, fit fam! May today by breezy 💨

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Да, тебе не кажется. У этих людей нет отговорок, им похер на твоё не умею. Эти люди делают из себя тех, кого ты будешь называть чемпионами. Спарта, Греки и Афини Нефтекамск! Еаный хард кор залезет в твою душу, маленький засранец. workouttime workoutvideo workoutoftheday workoutathome workoutdone workoutfit workoutclothes workoutgear workoutbuddy workoutroutine workoutpartner workoutday workoutlife workoutplan workoutcomplete workoutgoals workoutfromhome workoutgrind workoutapparel workoutjunkie workoutoutfit workout_professionals workoutswag workoutwithme workoutroutines workoutworld workouthumor

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Want a stronger Back like beetle? 🐞 Here is a full back workout video 🎥 for you guys. Save and try this workout on your next back day! Exercise 1️⃣ Pull Up Exercise 2️⃣ Wide pull down Exercise 3️⃣ Close grip pull down Exercise 4️⃣ Deadlift Exercise 5️⃣ DB Row Exercise 6️⃣ Superset A. Low cable row + B. Straight arm pulldown Exercise 7️⃣ Superset A. Incline Rear Delt Row Elbow out + B. Incline Rear Delt Row Elbow in . Follow page2fitnesskitchen page2fitnesskitchen for more coming post 😊 back backworkout workoutroutine bodybuilding motivation fitness fitnessgoals stayfit staystrong staypositive nevergiveup instafitness fitnessmotivation fitnessinspiration fitnesslife fitnessjourney like4like healthylifestyle gym gymlife workout gymmotivation instafaily photooftheday positivevibes shoulderworkout hardwork fitspo training

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We know finals week can be stressful. That's why we will be holding a special Yoga Under the Stars today at Memory Mall. 🧘‍♀️ Join us for a relaxing study break starting 9 pm 🕘 Bring your UCF ID and mat or towel.

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The best view comes after the hardest climb! 🧗🏽‍♂️Join our climbing instructors from 3 to 7 pm all week starting tomorrow! 💪🏼

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Don't let the stress of finals week weigh you down 💆‍♂️ Take a break from the books to come hit the gym 🏀

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A wall is for way more than just a wallsit (been off the grid with the flu/bronchitisso here's a tb to this wall workout which I actually really likedespecially that plank at the end) Make this a quick HIIT sesh or use as a burnout at the end of your workout. Literally NO EXCUSES cuz where can't u find a wall????🙄😁 thursday tbt workout train fit fitness fitspo fitchicks quads glutes splitsquats plank wallwork strong motivation health totalbody weightloss hiitworkout noequipment nogymnoproblem homegym noexcuses personaltrainer ican workoutroutine

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CARDIO IS HARDIO💦💥 45 sec on, 20 rest ♡ cardio is so important for your health, heart, fitness etc but pretty much gets the same "ya, no" reaction from everyone. This is why it's so important to mix it up and try to find a cardiovascular workout that is as enjoyable as it effective. •••Personally, I kickboxit's high energy, high intensity and MOST IMPORTANTLY it's fun! There are so many ways to get your heart pumpingmix it up and get creative thursday work workout train trainer personaltrainer health strong fit fitness fitchicks fatburningworkout girlswholift workout cardio conditioning hearthealth hiit ican homegym bodyweightexercises fatloss fitnessjourney nogymnoproblem workoutroutine noequipment

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wowwhatagreatideagabbo time What to do with that ridiculously expensive backpack your /ren HAD to have, used twice and then never again??? Grab several books equal in size and weight (otherwise your bag will be bottom heavy throwing off form, alignment etc.) and BAM! DIY WEIGHTED VEST💪💪💪 I filled my bag with my daughter's old textbooks and workbooks. Here are just a few ways to incorporate it into your next workout. New moms: substitute the backpack for your baby carrier but maybe don't do the plank n' drag one 🤣😂🤣 wednesday humpday work workout fit fitness fitchicks girlswholift strong sweat motivation health train trainer step squat legs weightedvest homegym diy workoutvideo bodyweight workoutroutine nogymnoproblem getcreative ican