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1 hour ago

Yes Had to post this separately just coz 'Time' is my FAVOURITE one of his soundtrack he composed! And fact that even though hans Zimmer wasn't there in person it was just enough for me to excite myself when he was performing in his piano! My absolute hero n inspiration u r hanszimmer 😇👌🏾🤗 Hans zimmer next time i will see u live when u perform this Can't wait for nxt one worldofhanszimmer readyforanotherone hanszimmer hero

1 day ago

The likely lads - us at the The World of Hans Zimmer performed by the Belarusian Theatre Orchestra. Literally had 3 seconds to jump in this pic ssereward

1 day ago

Dear Gavin! I watch your Wembley stories and I can see how you’re making history! Never did a soundtrack dream of people coming to hear it to a stadium, not just a cinema. You’re all incredibly talented and beautiful! ⠀ Gavin, my warmest congratulations to you! And to this magnificent show "World of Hans Zimmer"! And to your brilliant album "Woven"! ⠀ I also want to report back that my album “Melting”, which was ingeniously conducted by you, is going to be released soon. I tried not to spoil the impression about your work by my part of the work! 😂 ⠀ I admire you! And I’m proud about me and you working together! ⠀ gavingreenaway worldofhanszimmer melting upcomingalbum

1 day ago

To be able to witness in a live performance the music that embodies my inner world, is truly a blessing. I cannot thank you enough hanszimmer for keeping me sane with your masterpieces all these years. I shall treasure this moment for the rest of my life. hanszimmer worldofhanszimmer bucketlistblessed

1 day ago

Bucket list ✔ Witnessed a mind blowing symphony orchestra conducted by the one and only Hanz Zimmer 🎼 playing with elianecorreamusic pedroeustache and the stunning Lisa Gerrard. The live music from Lion king, Gladiator, Pearl Harbour, Pirates of the Caribbean, Inception, and the Dark Knight was truly unforgettable! worldofhanszimmer hanszimmer

1 day ago

That was one of the best nights of my life. Just indescribable. Feeling very grateful. 🎻🥁🎬 worldofhanszimmer

1 day ago

‪C’est encore les yeux remplis d’étoiles que j’écris ce post sur le concert du worldofhanszimmer. J’ai vécu un moment exceptionnel, magique, magnifique. Les mots sont bien faibles pour expliquer ce que j’ai ressenti tout au long de ce merveilleux moment qui restera à jamais gravé en moi. ‪Merci HansZimmer, génie incontesté et façonneur d’émotions pour ce pur délice. love lionking kingarthur inception gladiator spirit kungfupanda hannibal piratesofthecaribbean ssewembleyarena

1 day ago

Incredible night! The World of Hans Zimmer - Inception wohz