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Authenticity is knowing who you are and being brave enough to live it. It is also being true to yourself and then letting that shine through all you do and say. • If I am being completely real I have to say that having an autoimmune disease like Lupus is extremely difficult, frustrating and it makes me beyond angry. It is making commitments and then having to break them because I don't feel good. It is not being able to be there for my family when they need me because I simply do not have the energy. It is isolating, exhausting and scary. • However, through it all I know I can be me. I can try and push every single day. I can make choices that are true to who I am and let that shine. I, even on days that I cannot get out of bed, can make a difference. I can remember my dreams and goals and do what I can each day to further them along. I can teach my that being authentic and honest with themselves is pure power. I can surround myself with people who get me and love me unconditionally. Most of all I can love and shine and care no matter what my circumstances are! I can be me and that is enough. • Always, Jenna 💖 consciousconnections44 lightworker abundance awareness raiseyourvibration believeinyourself wordsoftheday lupus positiveattractspositive positivethinker selfreflection wisewords positivequotes writersofig quotesofinstagram inspirationalquotes mindfulness reiki empower spiritualjourney empath consciousness selflove writersnetwork spoonielife heartspeaks goodquote innerwisdom ebbandflow

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Hello everyone! Man I wish I had saved my City of Ghosts pics for today’s fantasywipmarch prompt but oh wells. I suppose Percy Jackson has a few “scary” parts to it. I mean he does go to the Underworld after all haha But anyways here is my very well loved and torn up copy of The Lightning Thief. Just holding it in my hands brings back fond memories and makes me smile. The Percy Jackson series will always have a special place in my heart as the series that introduced me to Greek mythology and made me fall in love with history and mythology even more so than I already was ❤️ I could go on and on about this wonderful series buuut that would make for a very long post so maybe I’ll save my Lightning Thief ramblings for a blog post haha But here’s a fun question! Do you guys have any books that are well loved or make you smile just by holding them? :) —————————————————————————- As for fantasywipmarch Day 21: Scariest thing in your WIP? I’m not real big into scary stuff no horror or super scary scenes for me. But when you write in the supernatural genre you have to have at least one semi-weird/creepy/scary thing right? I suppose that would be the daimons. Out of my 6 factions of creatures the daimons are the most heartless and cruel. They have horns and talons and sharp teeth and are the most likely to kill out of the 6 factions. Most of them are sided with the bad guys but I’m thinking of breaking this stereotype in my fictional world by writing a nice daimon in the next one. ————————————————————————— writersonig writerscommunity writersofig writersofinstagram writerlife writergram wip scarystuff thelightningthief rickriordan welllovedbooks bookstagram bookstagrammer booklove bookishlove booklover bookworm bookshelf shelfie percyjackson bookobsessed bookcommunity bookaholic bookpic readergram readersofinstagram bookphotography mythology

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from ‘feast of flowers.’ books at the link in bio. thank you for reading. 🖤

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Wow I had to marinate in this quote for a bit to really grasp the meaning behind it. It’s such a beautiful depiction of work and how we worship God through the gifts/talents He’s given us. I truly believe that when we put out our best work, it’s because we’re allowing the Holy Spirit to manifest through us, and that reflection is one that everyone can’t help but marvel at 🙃

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Thoughts before bed (swipe )

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the spring is back get back on track don't lie so slack you've got the knack the spring is back . the sweet wind blows enjoy life's shows all round it grows bloom with a crack the spring is back . the sky is blue earth's all anew come me and you let worries stack the spring is back . hear the birds sing as they hail spring what joys they bring as ducks do quack the spring is back . come lift your head ditch all you dread the bliss has spread nothing's to lack the spring is back

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une boule d’émotions.

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🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 Reposted from littlepoetrygirl - Ever given your heart to someone who just didn’t appreciate it? It’s important to know when enough is enough. Thanks for reading and please follow littlepoetrygirl for more 😘 love poetry poetrycommunity poetryporn poetryoftheday poetsofinstagram poetryofinstagram poetryofig poetryisnotdead wordporn words lovepoems writersofinstagram writerscommunity poetrygram heartbroken heartbreakquotes writersofig poem poems poemoftheday quotes lovequotes quoteoftheday instapoetry instapoet sadpoetry heartbreakclub write

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We have to.

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Didn't see that coming, did ya? 😎 Have you ever killed a main character? How did they die?

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Don’t say sorry. No one else is apologizing for doing what they must.

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Always reading!

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I want to know more about you. Like how you fill your bountiful lungs with so much love and breathe it all into me. Like how the angelic sound of your voice carries not only my name, but it makes me forget my buried childhood pain. Like how your delicate body is a temple of lost art that only I have discovered. My mind gets so heavy at night with thoughts of you, my knees become my feet as I pray to the heavens for allowing me to be with you. I want to know where a lovely human being like you came from and go back there together as one. So please, my light, tell me more about where you came from poetry worldpoetryday poetrycommunity poetsofinstagram poig poetryporn poemsporn writersofinstagram writerscommunity writer writersofig woig poetsofig writerslife writers poem love

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My first book will be available soon. More info as we get closer to its release. Just because that book is close to release that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped writing. Chapter one of the next book in the series is done(ish). author authorsofinstagram writer writersofinstagram writerslife indiewriters isupportauthor writersofig writingcommunity teacher teachersofinstagram supportauthors callingallauthors longisland artist localartist supportwriters poets poetsofinstagram goals life fantasylover summon_fantasy 2019booklovers followloop writersunite 2019writersandreaders ethicalauthors writingcommunityofinstagram supportcreatives

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Through the crevasse of your mind a drop begins to fill up your brain. ♡ It drips its toxicity slowly but surely. • It drives you insane. ♡ You try your best to shake your thoughts, closing your tired eyes and shouting no. • No, to the voice that tells you everyone will leave you. ♡ Eventually your whole body is flooded with past trauma and pain, painted as present reality. • Then the voice taunts "she will grow tired eventually, best let her go!" ♡ In truth this is all false garbage, but in the moment you don't see this. • You are not all there. ♡ No longer fully present. • You are back in the past kicking around pained feelings, tearing open long ago healed wounds. ♡ In these moments you need to find a rope back to reality. • Ignore the past as it can no longer harm you. ♡ Those who left you never belonged. • Embrace the feeling and let it go again as it came. ♡ Or, risk the fiction write its way into relality ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is one of the hardest poems I have ever written I tried hard to capture my true sentiments regarding my issue of abandonment. I wanted to tackle this poem to get it off my chest and also explore it better, as a poet there is no point of keeping anything important from being written about. For some time whenever I have been in a relationship this issue has cropt up again and again in different forms. And as to yet I have not given it that much attention, now this is me admitting it is something to overcome/work on. I need to stop imagining the past into future existance, be clear headed in my turbulent moments. And although it is likely I will never shake the feeling off completely I can learn to cope and make it weaker every time, easier to control. Because I tell you it is very powerful, I write not to draw pitty or attention (on myself) but in the hope that anyone dealing with a similar issue can be reassured you are not the only one. Always know it is within our power to change once we admit to ourselves. Pray for God's help in your journey and stay strong, carry on! You have got this far 💪💓🤙 ☆I'm starting a blog on motivational writing, poetry and poetry☆ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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"This roofless, unpainted, rock and mud structure holds stories I’m desperate to unlock. The seed of future generations and the ghosts of ancestors past constantly, unknowingly passing through each other. If my soul is ever successful at splitting time, would I meet my grandmother on this hill for a play date?⁣ .⁣ A wild Kiawe tree grew until its branches stretched beyond the window and door frames. My great grandmother had nine . I can’t imagine eleven humans living in this one-room shack. There had to be more. More rooms. More proof that a girl who shared my eyes lived here. Too afraid of the Kiawe’s thorns, I never explore. Instead, I stand, having a moment of silence on the unpaved road.⁣ .⁣ Partly to be reverent.⁣ Partly to steal a look.⁣ .⁣ Partly hoping that this intersection of present and past would unlock a portal to commune with my ancestors."⁣ .⁣ ~ A woman travels to the past while waiting for her friend's car to be repaired in "The Intersection", a short story by blackwomanwriter Onicia Muller⁣. Link in bio ☝🏾 .⁣ 📷: Chelsea Victoria⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ midnightandindigo bookstagram blackbookstagram blackwriters blackauthors bibliophile melanin shortstories essays blackwomenwriters blackgirlswrite blackgirlswhoblog browngirlswhoblog diversebooks blackgirlbloggers blackgirlsrock blackbooks blackfemalewriters melaninpoppin literaryjournal blackwomanstoryteller blackauthorsmatter blackliterature blackbookquotes writersofig blackgirlswhowrite writingcommunity writers

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Repost from writing_memes Me: *has never been in a stable relationship* Also Me: LET’S HAVE A ROMANTIC SUBPLOT . ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ Follow us to join the writers community ✒️📖 We have cool t-shirts & mugs for writers. Check the link in bio writersofinstagram writer writerscommunity writers writerslife writersofig writerlife writersblock writersnetwork writerscorner writergirl author authorsofinstagram authors authorslife authorsofig authorsrock novelist indieauthor indiewriter selfpublished selfpublishedauthor amwriting novelist novelwriting

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Repost from writerspocket Follow if you want to read more such amazing quotes! 🤗 Writer: .zyers Follow us to join the writers community ✒️📖 We have cool t-shirts & mugs for writers. Check the link in bio writersofinstagram writer writerscommunity writers writerslife writersofig writerlife writersblock writersnetwork writerscorner writergirl author authorsofinstagram authors authorslife authorsofig authorsrock novelist indieauthor indiewriter selfpublished selfpublishedauthor amwriting novelist novelwriting

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Hi! New account here. I’m just a girl who enjoys writing in her free time, this is sort of my way of venting of whatever happens in my life. Keep in mind that I’m not a professional writer, so please don’t judge if there’s any grammar errors or wrong sentencing, instead allow me to learn and improve by providing some tips or advice, it will be much appreciated :) Thank you & I hope you like what you read 🌻 poetry love quotes writersofinstagram art poem poet poetrycommunity writer sad lovequotes poems life quote follow writing like words poetsofinstagram quoteoftheday photography instagram instagood inspiration motivation inspirationalquotes wordporn lifequotes writersofig bhfyp

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Pretty much sums it up.

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I don’t think you‘ve seen the city unless you’re high (Holding on to my glasses because it was really windy 💨)

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If you want different results, you got to change your perspective and the energy you put out. What you believe is what you will see. What you think becomes reality. Negative energy = negative outcome. It’s about altering your perspectives.

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Bit random but I'm honestly craving pizza rn - hardtoplease

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Time is literally going too fast, just over a year left at uni wth? Need to start appreciating time more because it's precious⏳

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it’s a long one, soz 😏

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“and if i could make this world spin a little slower, then i would, then we could grow a little closer” ❤️