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She is beautiful and broken. But not forever. I am the same. One day I'll trade this grace, this pretty porcelain skin and I know, I won't regret it. Beauty will fade so I'll spend my time fixing my mind, piecing back together the fragments fractured after thoughts ignited. I will be okay. I will. I do not long to be perfect, only better that I once was. That'll be enough for me. I will not be a tragedy.

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Call me insane • Many people hear voices when no one is there. Some of them are called mad and are shut up in rooms where they stare at the walls all day. Others are called writers and they do pretty much the same thing 🤯 • • • writersofinstagram writer writersofig writerscommunity writers writerslife writing writersnetwork quotes whatever flawless nolimits writingcommunity savage writerscorner writersoninstagram writercommunity igwriters writersociety momof3 writerlife crazy noexcuses workhard hustleeveryday lovemyjob worker workplace worklife hustlehard

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I really want to talk to you but I think I am disturbing you

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Who is the writer? What is the purpose? Who is the reader? In grad school, my teaching writing professor repeatedly asked these questions about each and every piece of writing—poems, articles, emails, journal entries, blogs, novels, textbooks. Simple questions. Great power. The answers bring context and clarity. As the writer, I have to know why I’m writing. I have to understand my unique perspective. That’s not always where the challenge lies. But who is the reader? Answering that question can change you from someone who writes to a writer. When you know your reader and write for them, your phrases take on a significance beyond yourself. Now you’ve come to the table to serve the reader. You’re a guide in a journey, leading your reader to feel, learn, understand, or imagine. When you know your reader, any writing—from a work memo to a novel—becomes a conversation, an effective and almost collaborative piece of communication. And even, a gift to the reader. Ask. Always ask: Who is the author? What is the purpose? Who is the reader? Need help with writing and editing? Click the link in my bio to contact me. Interested in a writerscommunity? Click the link to learn about hopewriters is opening this month, but it’s closing on Friday! motivationalspeaker reader growth writing amwriting amediting editor edit editing HopeWriterLife hopewriters amwriting justwrite writersofinstagram writersofig authorsofinstagram authorsofig speaker keynote instawriter authorscommunity writeyourheartout writerlove aspiringwriter aspiringwriters professionalwriting professionalwriter questions askquestions stlwriters

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LIES, fairy tales and fallacies! It’s was, is and will ALWAYS be “MAMA SAY MAMA SA MAMA COOSA” which is frm the ancient country of NEGROID LANDIA which spoke the ancient language of WeBeMakinUpOurOwnWords-ish u can’t argue with history shawty! ImHereToEducateYou bobbimonroe thebobbimonroecompany thebmc tvwriter tvwriters writer writersofig writerscommunity comedy comedian funny tv film actress actor director producer production hollywood atl entertainment 10 100 10likes 100likes

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I stand upon the ledge of bowls and feel it palpitating. It pours through my bloodstream, triggered by my amygdala, telling my hypothalamus to shoot chemicals into my body. • Neuropsych course books run through my photographic brain within these moments. I remember how it is chemicals appearing as real. • What makes something real if not the feeling that it is very real? What happens when your own body lies and tells you different? • You choose to fight. To stand your ground and remember why you do something to begin with. You choose to make a choice to grow, to face the journey and not turn away. No matter how many times you want to run; maybe you run more than stand, but in the now you choose different. • Everytime I stand here, ever since my surgeries that potentially changed my body in more ways than I like to admit, every time I have the course of energy through my blood and body I remember why I stand. • I stand because I refuse to take a seat. I refuse to allow it to take me over. I choose to face itstandand take the leap. writing neuropsychology 📷 mels_bells_pool_service

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undated. - Maya Simone

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The creator of Hannibal Lector clutches a possum at a rescue center in Miami that features in Thomas Harris's new book, Cari Mora, his first novel in 13 years. (Photo from his new interview in the NYT.) thomasharris carimora hanniballecter silenceofthelambs thereddragon keepreading mybookfeatures bookalicious newbook readerlife readerscorner humansofbookstagram authorsofinstagram crimewriters crimefiction crimefictionaddict authorportrait writersofig writerscommunity lovetoread

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we shift our energy to nurture our soul. an energy growing, without the attachment of knowing that our choice is not a loss. Our choice is knowing, that souls unfold in many dimensions. a lady bug lands on your cheek, is it you? You ask for a sign as the wind blows, is it you? The answer is yes. This is not the end. This is only the dimension in which you think this energy will shift. This energy you can not kill. This energy will come back in still awakenings. In tender rebirths. In feelings of oasis. You & I 💘

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Tag someone relatable 🥰 Scrawled by : Dibakar Ghosh Submit your best writeups in any format DM for any sort of query ✓ Original Content © Follow words_left_unsaid25 . Like • Comment • Share • Tag • . Hastags : . wordsleftunsaid WLU relatable sayings writer relationshipquotes lovequotes hindi hindiquotes tale story love loved friends breakup igwriters igpoets igpoetry writersofig wordsofwisdom typewriter poetryinmotion tweegram quoteoftheday writingcommunity poem poetsociety thegoodquotes airpiritdiary writersnetwork

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Be encourage, challenged, inspired. Repost debratorreswrites with repostsaveapp 📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚 Fiction and Nonfiction Writers! • Join me for the Juno Authors’ Challenge starting June 1st. • 📚Grow as a writer 📚Join a large community of authors 📚Get creative with all new writing prompts 📚Participate in author/reader follow loops 📚Build your author’s platform • To join: Follow and DM debratorreswrites • • writingchallenge writerslifeforme writingcommunityofinstagram writingcommunity writingproject writingabook writersworld authorsofinstagram writingtips writinglove writingtime writinganovel supportingauthors authorssupportingauthors writerslife authorslife amwriting supportwriters supportwritersandauthors supportauthors authorsofig authorsofinstagram authorsofinsta writersofinstagram writersofig writersofinsta writerscommunity callingallauthors writingprompts 📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚

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Day 10: Plot Twist. My older sister was my best friend. Unlike me in every way: strong, bold and full of common sense. She had a way about her that drew you in. As , she was fiercely protective over me and gave me just as much raising as my mama did. We lost touch in the late 1930s, just before Denmark became German occupied. My parents and little brother stayed put in Herning, but 19 year old Bette ran away in the night after days of trying to convince us to flee. She wanted to do something, so she set out to be a nurse. The last we heard of her, she’d been spotted in Maribo, Lolland, much too close to Germany lines during WWII. Our reunion was something of fairytales, when she showed up on the porch one day, almost 7 years later. She was rail thin and haggard, but her blue eyes still sparkled as I remembered. • She rarely spoke of our lost time, though we found out she had married a factory worker who had gone off to war and never returned. Widowed at 26 with a 4 year old son, Ivan. Once the war was behind us, we lived quiet peaceful lives through the years, in separate cities but close enough to allow our to visit often. Bette remarried and had 2 more to my 5. In 1989, Bette passed from a massive heart attack. I received a letter from Copenhagen two months later: “I know you were Bette’s (my “Varinka”) best friend, her sister; you’re all she talked about. Being part of the Danish resistance wasn’t easy for her but she helped bring several collaborators and Nazis to their fate. She was my hero and the love of my life. I tried to hide her when she found out she was pregnant by an officer, but she bought a ring at the pawn shop and kept up her widow story. Kept running her underground messages until Ivan entered the world and even after. I’ve never loved anyone like I loved your sister and Ivan. I heard she married and I didn’t want to interfere after so many years, but she was everything to me. My partner in war and in life. I never would’ve survived the Resistance without her. Be proud of all she’s accomplished and love her always.” My world shifted as I pulled the letter to my chest, a hand covering my mouth.

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Completely Undeniably 23/5/19 12.03am I used to look death in the eye, A dark swirling void. I used to smile at the sight. The sun rarely shone, And it never warmed my bones, Shivering alone, In a city with a constant drone. Now the sunsets belong to me, As does the entire sky, The world is infinite and you gave that to me. Pastel shades seep into my vision, I'm blurry and I'm yours. I look you in the eye, I drown in your ocean. And I smile.

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So many are casual about their health until the consequences come rolling in.

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Despite being afraid of the water I am so drawn to it’s beauty rivers, waterfalls, the ocean 🌊

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Midnightmay19 (22) 📖📖WEAPONRY📖📖 When you hear the word “Weapon”, normally the first few words that come to you are “Swords”, “Guns”, “Bows and arrows” etc But in the Blesser’s world, weapons can be the most common object you see in your life, the most harmless item just like this brush I saw in a calligrapher’s exhibition. However, I’m not saying all items can be used as a weapon. The item must contain a Faerie’s soul and some Angel’s blood smudged/incorporated into it in order to form a weapon that can be used against Witches, Warlocks and Daemons. Without the angel’s blood, it’s just a magic item/ Chrysalis without much threat against the dark beings. Without a Faerie’s soul and the angelic blood, it’s just a brush, nothing more. From the painting brushes, I saw fiery birds rising from them, infused with the passion of creating art from their owner. =========================== Finally catching up with the dates of this challenge againhave been slacking off after 19th May. =========================== imaginaryscene imagines imaginaryfriends imagine imagination imaginary magic magical writersofig writersofinstagram writerscommunity story storytime fantasy fairy authors fantasyart fantasyartwork magicalitems pictureoftoday magic storytime magicitem storyteller storytellers pictureoftheday drawingoftheday

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“Dissect” from E-Tabula Rasa! Link to the whole collection is in the bio! 🔝

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I thought I was colorblind until I met you 🌻

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I stood with her when everyone else didn't. Sometimes there isn't always a happily ever after but this writing shows my love for someone special. My hearts been poured all over this writing. All my writings are based on true events. This writings for my audience. Enjoy and tell me what you think by liking, commenting on this post and following me. - - ifonlyyouknew wordgasm melody publisher author eyes publishers writer writing writingcommunity writerscommunity writersofinstagram writingisnotdead lovewriting abodeofwriters heart authorsofinstagram futurewriter poetrysmith creativewriting instapoet writing writersnetwork poetry poetrycommunity poet dreams writersofig poetryofinstagram writerscommunity

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Why me? This about doing something new about women this time.Sharing their feelings and emotions. Keep loving supporting and leave a comment to tell me what you think. - - whyme feelings womenmattertoo wordgasm authorsofinstagram writer writing writingcommunity  writerscommunity writersofinstagram wordsmith poem writingisnotdead spilledink abodeofwriters heartbreak author futurewriter wordporn publisher authors creativewriting lovepoetry writings writersnetwork ifonly writersofig aspiringwriter poetry poetrycommunity