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Repost tk_ricksanchez ・・・ One thing about being a Rickyou’ll always find the version of me where you actually made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs instead of flying right into the malstrom like me and eating sh!t. (Photo Credits: Jeff Caffrey starwarsdork ) rickandmorty wubbalubbadubdub stormtrooperrick TKRick RickSanchez StarWars Stormtrooper mrmeeseeks existenceispain grandparick showmewhatyougot getschwifty rickandmortycosplay peaceamongworlds riggityriggitywrecked starwarscelebration swcc hansolo milleniumfalcon scoundrels smuggler misfittroopers MayTheForceGetSchwifty

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Day 32: it’s webzday my dudes🕷 2 full runs in ensemble😬 chops ouch! Daniel Scott is here! Vis block on turf was *click* nice. wubbalubbadubdub spiritofatlanta

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I don’t own the rights to this music So aside of being insanely busy and life trying to get the best of me, I still manage to get a shuffle sesh in EVERY DAY. After today, I needed to cry/dance it out. I haven’t recorded in a while so I felt like catching this awesome sunset at Skyway Causeway. Not my best footwork tbh, my left knee has been giving me problems since I’ve been shuffling daily. 😕 so! 🤷🏻‍♀️ with that being said shuffler tampa skyway ogshufflesquad wubbalubbadubdub justcameforthemusic filas QueenConey

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Wubalubadubdub Thanks to my mother, lolitabfitphysique she bought me the complete 3 seasons of Rick and Morty I myself have to thank adultswim for making this amazing show rickandmorty possible. I truly enjoy the series myself. So thank you guys for an amazing TV series that is worth my time! toxicgumball unicornalwaysandforever rickandmorty adultswim wubbalubbadubdub ricksanchez mortysmith jerrysmith bethsmith summersmith Thank You, Adult Swim! 💚❤💚❤💚❤💚❤💚❤

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Happy ( LATE AF ) Father’s Day to the damn greatest dad ever. It was also his birthday last night so I killed 2 birds. “Figuertavily” Am I lacking on streaming you ask? YES Do I need to get my head out of my ass and start focusing on what I love doing? HELL YES! Making a comeback slowly but surely I promise 😁 • Twitch.tv/ReknLive • •• ••• fathersday Borderlands FatherOfTheYear Gunzerker foty daddygang Borderlands3 playthrough comejoinme bestguns mayathesiren truemvp HiddenInHashTags Wubbalubbadubdub BirdPersonKnows Chevy Ss clutch Streamer Remodeledgainesville FollowMe IWantyouToWantMe

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John Rick 😂

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Not going to lie to you, this transformation was from a few months ago. But it’s so relevant to my story today. This is more then just the weight loss. 🤘🏼 I completed my first fitness program back in April, it was 6 weeks long. Basically I’m not a fitness guru, nor do I try to be. And fitness was never my thing. But I was so sick and tired of being sick and tired, so I was ready to try something completely new. I kept hearing about how working out is great for mental health. So I tried it. 🧿 The fitness program unleashed a level of confidence, that I felt after a few weeks and it lasted longer then any other confidence spell (that was the best part). It unleashed the flood gates of suppressed feelings and thoughts (holy shit that was intense). It was bananas! I had no idea how to handle it. I also had a knee injury that happened during the last week of the program, so it was an overwhelm of changes and lessons. 🖤 Because of the knee injury, I stopped all together. To help heal my knee (PT is fucking amazing) and to help process what the fuck just happened to me mentally. I went down a rabbit hole. I let myself feel ALL the negativity. I had suppressed it for so long that I had to come to terms with it, I had to sit with it to understand it. So I did. This lasted a littler over 2 months. 🤘🏼 A few weeks ago, I jumped back into the fitness program. My knee is healed (I’m more mindful of my body), I wasn’t mentally ready but I KNEW it was going to bring me back to a positive place. So I pushed myself for the past two weeks to get back into it, and there is already a huge difference! ALSO I added a new thing to my daily routine (along with the workouts). I added a journaling session in the morning, I write my dreams (and I go fucking big) and I write down 5 things I’m grateful for. And then I begin to heal whatever pops up in my head for rest of the time. Then I meditate. 🧿 All it takes it to try something new, and to get comfortable with the uncomfortable things in life. ✨double tap if you’re ready for something new✨

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Emu tents are the best tents. Happy Freaking Roo! wubbalubbadubdub

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Some of my favorite things from bonnaroo: sunshine, illeniummusic, quinnxcii, hot pretzels, strawberry smoothies, odesza, thatgirlbishop, Pride flags, glitter, thirdeyepinecones, nahkobear, sunscreen, leis 🌺, ibeyi2, swimsuits, body paint, beautiful neighbors who made us breakfast, DANCING (yes, in a wheelchair), childishgambino, thelumineers, walkthemoonband, Griz, Roovians who were genuinely stoked I made it there, getting as close as possible to a few stages, baby wipes, and of course annie_caldwell_ for making it happen for me. • • • bonnaroo bonnaroo2019 selfie blonde spacebuns swimsuits friends thirdeyepinecones sunshine festival festivalseason radiatepositivity odesza illenium quinnxcii bishopbriggs hippocampus gjones ibeyi twofeet kingprincess zhu gramatik spacejesus jackharlow griz rlgrime edm wubbalubbadubdub magic