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2 hours ago

Appendicitis is a sneaky bitch. Shout out to my beautiful wonderful girlfriend for always being by my side the whole time and taking care of me. She’s the hero here. And ya know the surgeons wubbalubbadubdub

7 hours ago

bougieglass wake and bake dab of some FunkyCobra 🔥🔥🔥 Hope everyone has an amazing Humpday💚💚💚 This rig is always so smooth💯💯💯 cheers and much love🔥💚💚 wakeandbake funkycobra bougieglass dab dabs concentrates lit smokeweedeveryday shatter howhighareyoutoday higherthanmost humpday wednesday positivevibes dopebeat doperemix dopesong xxxtentacion idontletgo quartzbanger onewiththebeat rick morty riggetyriggetywreckedson schwifty wubbalubbadubdub concentrates smokemoresmilemore

7 hours ago

It’s an adult animated science fiction sitcom about a sociopath scientist (Rick) going on adventures across the universe with his grandson (Morty) sometimes Granddaughter Summer. Available at netflix ! This show is everything, it got Satire, dark absurd crude humor aaaand amazing catchphrases! rickandmorty recommended picklerick show szechuansauce wubbalubbadubdub