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Meu amorzinho, primo que amo tanto ❤️💙

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Оригинальная маска в стиле BDSM, которая перевоплотит Вас в послушного кролика! Если Вы хотите поиграть в страстные игры, почувствовать истинное наслаждение  без рамок, то эта маска для Вас. Цвет: черный Материал: 100% полиэстер,прекрасно садится на женскую голову. ➡️Цена 51.19BYN ➡️Оформить заказ просто, перейди по ссылке в шапке профиля или напиши нам в Direct ➡️БЕСПЛАТНАЯ ДОСТАВКА по Минску 😉 маскакролика маскакролик масказайки масказайца масказайка масказайчика масказайчик сексшоп сексшопминск маскадляфотосессии эротическаямаска xoxo подарок love игрушкидлявзрослых blackrabbit масканахэллоуин интимигрушки подароксебе товарыдлявзрослых bestnight sexshop sexshopminsk эротическаяигра ролевыеигры хитпродаж minsk минск

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Looking forward to the season of walks in the park, alfresco seating, outdoor tennis, beach weather, and watermelon 🍉. Summertime TisTheSeason

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look what finally decided to show up happy friday everyone 🍸

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I can't believe its Friday already, are you guys ready for the weekend? What generally do you guys do on the weekends? For me it's either grocery shopping, checking out clothes and buy if I need something, sometimes studying and mostly sleeping 😅 This picture captures my exact intense face when I go out for shopping, i was quite an impulsive buyer before but now I think a lot before buying anything, I realised over time I had too many clothes where I could have just spent that money on something else. cityshoppingluxembourg has organised another special event for World environment day on June 5 called 'Think and shop green' Where you can participate in many activities and win green gifts. Do check out their Facebook page for the event details. Picture courtesy jacques_schneider igerslux blogger_lu cityshoppers2019 fashioninfluencer worldenvironmentday thinkandshopgreen sustainability sustainablefashion shoppingspree weekendtime fridaymood tgif motd ootd luxembourgblogger myluxembourg visitluxembourg indianfashionblogger xoxo

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The best things in life are the people you love ♥️ XOXO

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I got that friday feelin' ✨ & wer noch nen feeling-booster braucht klickt ma eben perfektionslos.de/shop & bestellt sich nen Shirt. Dann kommt die gute Laune direkt zu euch nach Hause 😏. 123gutelaune [ja ja, is Werbung]

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끊어낼 줄 아는 것도 정말 중요하다 : )

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🧡A R A G O N I T E - S T U D S 🧡 — I call this unique pair “hugs & kisses” because of its x & o natural formation. How cute are they? I am in love with this pair! They are up on the Etsy store now! Link in my bio — Aragonite is also very unique in the properties it is known to hold, as it is unlike any other crystal I have come across. This stone is one that brings negative first to ensure positive shines later. That being said, it is a stone that is great if there is something that you have been “sweeping under the rug” for sometime that needs to be brought up or come to light. This stone allows the wearer to look closer at situations, at every valve of energy that is circumvented into one central point. You must visit the darker side of the situation before you become a beam of positive light. Great for asking for promotions at work, interviews & any tough conversation.

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기분 매우 좋은거

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