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1 hour ago

you know when you feel spicy af cuz you scored that good good getting Olive Garden at 4pm for dinner with the hubs and your server was bomb .com and hooked you up with extra breadsticks to go and free Alfredo sauce 😎🥖 Oh, & p.s. we got this super yummy lasagna brownie dessert and tjneurohr heard it as chocolate 🍫 spaghetti 🍝 and was all concerned for my chocolate spaghetti noodles 🤣

7 hours ago

beautiful day in the neighborhood ✨

8 hours ago

Imagine tens of thousands of plant based phytonutrients, from 30 of the most nutritionally dense fruits 🍎 vegetables 🥦 berries 🍇 getting to work within your blood stream within 20 minutes each and EVERY day. AND supported by nearly 40 independent peer review clinical studies published in leading medical and scientific 🧪 journals, demonstrating some of the most nutritional benefits of consuming these whole-food concentrates in capsule form. Our health is so valuable! ❤️ What cost can you put on yours and that of your families? Living fast paced lifestyles and with our food quality in decline, these make so much sense; It’s a no brainer in our household youknowit phytonutrients lifestyleblogger healthyeating rawfood realfood cleaneating nochemicals nutrients

11 hours ago

Shadow-Sun giving shade for its roots to grow. Every person comes with shadows and a massive light Let your light create Shadow-Suns for you to deepen your roots and grow through your ceiling Your light increases Your shadow changes New dimensions appearing ✨ viewpoint grow youaresupported yournature transform youknowit youcandoit

12 hours ago

Foi uma experiencia de competir em la categoría Open aquí em Florianópolis, santa Catarina Brasil 🇧🇷não se ganha pero se aprende 💪🏽 buenazo ☺️🙏 Quero agradecer de coração a tudos meus patrocinadores🙇🏻‍♂️ Auspicio: jjesurfboards magicislandwax floripasurfhostel tikehau_surf_shop soacai escolariviera surflobitosescuelade olassurfboards tucanoglasser ipd_comunicacion reebok rangelfarias_muaythai teoma.oficial LobitosPeru🇵🇪 Semprefeliz😊 Semprepositivo💪🏼 Supwavesurfing Longboardsurfing Elquemadrugadiosteentuba🌊 Buenazo Muaythai🙏 MMA Boxing💪 Jiujitsu🥋🇧🇷 Youknowit YLS MasNa🌊🏄🏽‍♂️🏝️🇧🇷🇵🇪🥈💪🏼 🏆🙌

16 hours ago

看了天气预报,我只想说:I hate cold, hot, damp and rain. 🙂🙂👩🏻‍💻❌ 👋 aha hate ihate youknowit knew

1 day ago

No, I’m not dead 👻 Just estaba de parranda y cargando las pilas. ••• remember 💬, house Music never dies 🤷🏼‍♂️. Ahh y estaba afinando una que otra cosita por ahí, nos venimos con algo cool ••• MoreWhiteThanEver TheDoctorIsHere

1 day ago

breaking news: i’m dating both sean AND michael, can y’all say thrupleszn