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Join today's discussion on youtube below: https:youtu.be/FnPtMNzZHik So after almost half a year of waiting Ford has finally released the specs for the upcoming 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500 and it has 760 horsepower and 625 pound-feet of torque. This makes it the most powerful vehicle Ford has ever produced with almost 100hp more then the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 and even the Corvette ZR1. It's more powerful then a Porsche 911 GT2 RS Ferrari 488 Pista, Mclaren 720S, Dodge Challenger Hellcat and even more powerful then a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. Now the Dodge Demon is still more powerful and makes 840hp with the 100 octane gas and special tune from the dealer but that car is discontinued. Now the Dodge Hellcat Redeye makes 797hp on pump gas but will probably weigh a few hundred pounds more then the GT500. Now my question to you guys is that enough? Yea it makes a whopping 5hp more then the ZR1 but the Corvette is a dedicated sports ca built from the ground up and will probably be faster then the GT500 around a track? And lastly was it worth the wait? Ford has been delaying this car for quite some time most likely due to the fact that Dodge keeps upping the power on there cars and Ford knew they couldn't bring a car that wasn't at least close to Dodge. carpedia carpediashow ford shelby gt500 gt350 shelbygt500 mustang v8 musclecar ponycar supercharged corvette zr1 camaro zl1 dodge challenger demon hellcat hellcatredeye fordgt 911 GT2RS 488pista mclaren 720s lamborghini svj

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If you could go back in time to change something knowing your present wouldn’t be the same, would you? 📷- omg_a_pineapple The Team ⤵️ ⚙️- agwheels 🏁- air_lift_performance 🛑- R1concepts 💡- oraclelights 🛁- trofeocoatings 📡- Carlock.co 📎- proclipusa ——————————————————————————- camaro camaro_porn 6thgen 1le camarosdaily camarosix mishimoto SS floridacars carlifestyle teammishi americanmuscle M632 musclekingz stancenation lsxnation carswithoutlimits race Drift modifiedsociety zl1 lifeonair chevrolet drag carporn agwheels airliftperformance

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YouTube Channel updates https:www.youtube.com/channel/UCByvqV-LbEUyNWkjTCigm2g Email: Boostmoderacing gmail.com Website: www.Boostmoderacing.com https:www.facebook.com/boostmoderacing/ boost_mode_racing boostmoderacing cars portedblower boostingainteasy gotboost Cadillac ctsv corvette corvettezr1 corvettez06 lsa lt4 lt4blower portedsupercharger rebuild griptech nickwilliams e85 ls9 camarozl1 zl1 alltheboost girls auto boost porting keeponboostin cammed choppin portedsuperchargers

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Track car in its natural habitat

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WEAPON❌ edelbrockusa 2650 billet cooling manifold is up on the site! This along with the WEAPON❌ Boost Chiller helped our LT4 gen 3 CTS V run 9.2 at 151mph! This replaces the original merging manifold which has a sweeping bend on the passenger side and four 90* bends merging on the drivers’ side for direct even distribution weaponx Xgonnagiveittoya weaponxmotorsports wxm escalade ctsv ctsv3 atsv c7 corvette weapon7 stingray c7zr1 zr1corvette z06 zr1 lt1 lt4 lt5 grandsport camaro ss zl1 supercharged chevrolet www.weaponXmotorsports.com

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These are just a few of the top fastest CTS V in the country working closely with Jokerz to achieve their goals with their cars. We aren’t just about setting records. We strive to offer a product that will also hold up just as well. If you are looking to improve the efficiency of your setup contact Jokerz & we will consult with you with what’s needed for your exact needs & setup. We appreciate all the business & support over these last 9 years & are looking forward to continually bringing quality supercharger rebuilds & porting to the masses.

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Shatter the critics.

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¿ Consideran que el no ser un V8 no es digno de llamarse MuscleCar ? 👀 Chevrolet Camaro RS en Tlaxcala 🏁🔥 No olviden mandar sus encuentros por mensaje directo 📸📨 Somos la pagina mas grande del estado 💪🏼🤪👌🏼 chevrolet camaro zl1 musclecar v8 americanpower audi bmw mercedes mercedesbenz lamborghini ferrari mclaren porsche bugatti pagani koenigsegg tesla bentley astonmartin rollsroyce maserati volkswagen car carporn exotic exoticcars supercars hypercars luxury

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Today we’re gonna talk about this car. This is the Alpha Romeo Giulia. A car that is striking in appearance. And makes a glorious noise AND is selling on used markets for as low as $20,000. What’s there to hate? Well this car is riddled with issues. Everything from reliability to rust. Which is rather unfortunate coming from the car maker who made incredible cars like the 4C. I genuinely want to see this brand succeed. Along with Maserati. It pains me to see these beauties in the shop every week for something new ☹️ ——————————————————————————— carlifestyle carenthusiast carsofinstagram porsche 911 gt3rs mclaren fastcars ferrari 720S 720sspider gt350 gt500 mclarengt zl1 z28 manual viral 992 lamborghini mercedes ferrarif8tributo amg astonmartin bmw hellcat vanquish 1320video chevy ford

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Swipe Left to see KABOOOM! Made solid power on E85. Thanks to jpizzleeeeeee for getting me in on his dyno! 🤘🏽

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Me pregunto: Te gusta la velocidad? y yo le dije: Yo sólo vuelo bajo!😘 ZL1, 700HP.

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What’s your top three builds in Tennessee ??? Mine are definitely srtmush _baggedandboosted and z0siick 📸: me Mods Headers: stainless_works Ground Affects: phastekperformance Wheels: elementwheels Exhaust: flowmastermufflers Drag Radials: mickeythompsontires Cold air Intake: knfilters Custom Headlights: rgvshelby Bags: air_lift_performance v8 | chevy | chevycamaro | Camaro | SS | tnheadturners | camaroSS | headturnerscarclub | Chevrolet | cars | customcamaro | customcars 5thgen | smokedcamaro | camaro5 | camarogang | zl1 | socalheadturners headturners | rawcamaros | camaro | racing | camarobuild | chevy | nashville | usa | ctfeature | bagged | baggedcars | baggedlife | airlift | airliftperformance |

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Chop Chop Chop - - *Banks IQ Computer *Automind Programmer *K&N Aircharger Cold Air Intake Carbon Fiber *Banks Power Double-Shot Water Methanol Injection *Techni-Cooler Intercooler System Supercharger Intercooler And Main Radiator *Straight-Shot Auto Chiller *Full Perfromance Gintani Exhaust With Banks Torquetube Headers And Banks Monster Exhaust 12500$ *Banks Twin-Screw Supercharger System Upgrade With Upgraded Blower Cam, Throttle Body And Pulleys *System Specific Engine Modifications, Heads, Cam, Lifters And Rods (Internal And External) Performance Suspension Upgrade *Full Performance Brake Kit (Brembro) Upgrade With Bigger Rotors And Calipers *Semi Slicks (Et Street SS) Mickey Thompson P305/35R20 *Sidewinder Styling Package *Mecleod 1200Hp Clutch *Centerforce Driveshaft *Short Shift Upgrade - - chevroletcamaro lsa ls chevy chevrolet camaro zl1 camarozl1 v8 chevroletperformance  carlifestyle  6speed  musclecar  race  americanmuscle  sportscar  racecar performance hp torque usa america americanpower power methanol custom supercharged bankspower mickeythompson kandnfilter

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یه عاشق میگه:اگه اتفاقی برات بیفته میمیرم! اما یه رفیق میگه:اگه بمیرم هم نمیزارم اتفاقی برات بیفته ‌ . 📸 _aliatighi rafigh eshgh رفیق camaro zl1