thefoodiepiggies Nugget. Nougat. 🥔🍥 Nacho 2017 - 2019, always in our hearts 🌈🌮

Hope is knowing that someday we will see each other again in Heaven ❤️🌈 until then, run free of pain (and pigmom still misses you like crazy)


Happy easter everybody! We would like to thank Jesus for everything everyday, including wonderful creations like us potatoes 🥔🥔🥔 Rabbit ears by thecraftycooks! DM them for custom orders for your piggies :)


Bahu eating like a real gentleman - thought he should have some fancy music to go with his dinner 🎼🍷 toilet.bahu


Love, The foodiepiggies


Welcome home my angel! ❤️


Got a call from the vet’s today - apparently Nacho’s lymph nodes were due to advanced lymphoma cancer. It had caused multiple organ failure and spread to her lungs. Simply said, there was little we could have done to save her. I took comfort that she didn’t struggle and went peacefully. Here are some shots of lovely Nacho! She was well loved by everybody and all the lovely messages from everyone are testament to that. Thank you for all your love ❤️ Nacho will be coming home to us tomorrow. In the meanwhile, enjoy the happy memories of my lovely potato ❤️ we hope you have been blessed by her too.





Miss you so much, i can’t help but cry and cry thinking of how i’ll never see you in the cage with the other piggies again


I’m so glad to have met you, Nacho ❤️


Dearest Nacho, mom is sorry if I did anything to make you fall sick or feel worse. in fact i’m doubting my decision to transfer you back to your normal vet cos you might have been too stressed out, but i knew you would get better care there. Thank you for loving me, Nacho. Thank you for your sploots and waddles that made me smile. Thanks for being my chubby baby and my furry potato. I miss you so much, I love you so much. I’m so sorry that I couldn’t do more for you. Rest well, Nacho ❤️ Run free in heaven and enjoy unlimited peppers ok Nacho: 2017 - 2019, always in my heart Thank you to the staff at monsterpetvetclinicsg, especially dr Tan and dr Song for taking care of her


Teddie shampoo TM. Now sold at all guinea pig stores. Rinse and lather for a shiny mane that attracts all the lady piggies


Happier pictures: Noug and Nugg meeting new friends at their play date ❣️ (pigmom was off at the vet with nacho but there were a lot of pawrents there taking care of us)


Nacho update: she got taken off her oxygen today! Brought her a pillow from home and she promptly fell asleep on it 🥰 she also tried eating a pellet and some hay. I miss you nacho 💔 nights are the worst when I go home and there’s only two piggies there Get well soon and come home soon P.S: so sorry we haven’t been replying to all the get well soon messages, but we really appreciate it. when we are in a better headspace we will definitely take the time to reply to everyone.


My lovely bean, come home soon 💔


please pray for nacho, she’s been hospitalised for pneumonia and bloat and the vets found another mass at her uterus. she’s staying overnight at the vet for hospitalization. i wished i could do more for you 😭 my heart breaks thinking about you alone at the vet get well soon and come home to me ok? :”(




❤️ Over the past few days I have been worrying over her surgery, being afraid of losing her. Just have to remind myself that whatever it is, I have to spend time with her well.


Nugget says: please visit our pigaunt’s shop thecraftycooks! she made us those fabulous pokémon hats and this flower crown. Nugg secretly loves being a flower princess. 🌸 And he says you can be too! She can custom make hats for your piggies too :) guineapigposts101 guineapig guineapigs guineapigsof_ig guineapigstagram guineapigs101 cavy cavyslave cavygram cavyoftheday モルモット モルモット🐹 thefoodiepiggies cute cuteanimals petoftheday petsofinsta petsofinstagram petsofig thefoodiepiggies cavia cavies pets


This beautiful baby will be going for surgery to remove her two swollen lymph nodes on the 29th of April. Anyone with any experience with surgeries of this type, we would love to hear from you ❤️