thefoodiepiggies Sir Nugget Mcnugget🥔 Nougat Duchess of Haywall🍥 Princess Nori Von Pigglebottom🍘 Princess Nacho bobo portobello 🌈🌮

Been three months since you’ve left us bb nacho! how is heaven? 🥰 looking forward to seeing you again one day, we miss you. love, the foodiepiggies and pigmom ❤️


Piggy kisses. we miss you.


And we just hit 10K followers??? THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE LOVE 😭😭😭❤️ pigmom has been a bit busy with work and life recently but we promise to keep the updates coming. Please also check out the “” highlights on our profile to help out some of our furry friends ❤️ Thank you everyone and we really appreciate all of you :”) . Photo by the talented caviesxrachyy 🥰 guineapigposts101 guineapig guineapigs guineapigsof_ig guineapigstagram guineapigs101 cavy cavyslave cavygram cavyoftheday モルモット モルモット🐹 thefoodiepiggies cute cuteanimals petoftheday petsofinsta petsofinstagram petsofig thefoodiepiggies cavia cavies pets


I’ve always thought that these two don’t get along that well, but one day i found them snuggling together like this 😂😅 Nougat was conveniently using nugg’s butt as a pillow LOL Anyway we hope you’re all having a good 4th of July. please keep your piggies safe and cuddly!


my snuggly girl 💛🌻hope you’re having the best time in heaven.




Happy adulting bb nori look at her face of dread she wanna be a bby pig forever


One of the last few times of Nori eating alfalfa hay! She turns six months old tomorrow :> welcome to adulthood little piggy.


Not Thorday mom, not thorday Can you guess what nougpig is dressing up as? 🤣 Costume by the very talented thecraftycooks, who makes costumes and hats for furry babies 😍


Nugget, i think you’ve outgrown your favourite hidey 🤣 the cooling plate was placed in a way so that they would ‘parallel park’ themselves in but he insisted on cosying up this way 🤷🏻‍♀️