Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger

tommyhilfiger Welcome to the world of #TommyHilfiger. Fresh, fun, sharp styles and exclusive videos from around the globe. More from the feed:

It’s the unexpected details that reinvent the ordinary, just like the little updates we’ve made to our polo shirts. 👕 Swipe to see more! 👉


MAKE REINVENTION POSSIBLE – “My whole mission is to reconnect people to nature. Designing an experience where people can feel we are connected to one another.” – lily_kwong, landscape designer. MakeItPossible


MAKE REINVENTION POSSIBLE – lily_kwong is a landscape designer, working to transform urban environments and re-establish a connection to nature. MakeItPossible


Pastel shirts that pack a punch, as seen on the detboxinggym boys. 🥊


MAKE OPPORTUNITY POSSIBLE – “You have to take care of your community. That's how you build a brighter future.” – Khali Sweeney, 
founder of the Downton Boxing Gym Youth Program. MakeItPossible detboxinggym


MAKE OPPORTUNITY POSSIBLE – Khali Sweeney is the founder of the Downton Boxing Gym Youth Program detboxinggym, providing education and training to people in his community. MakeItPossible


The perfect silky lilac blouse to get you into the swing of spring style. 💜 TommyXZendaya


zendaya talks inclusivity, individuality, empowerment and making opportunities possible. TommyXZendaya


“Have no fear when it comes to fashion or what you want to wear. Do not let other people decide for you who you are.” - zendaya


TommySport has tech details that work hard for your workout.


Shoes that put maximum effort into your day-to-day play. TommySport


Bold color-block layouts for the win. TommySport


Ready to rock the gym in red? TommySport


From flex to crunch, we invited a troupe of dancers and sport enthusiasts for a day of workouts in TommySport’s prime performance-wear.


Gym or barre class, TommySport’s colors and tech are always on point


For every technicolor twist there's a sports-tech detail: TommySport is 100% innovation.


From logo vizor to belt bag, the right accessories will add momentum to your every move. TommySport


“When I designed the first Coca-Cola collection in 1986, I wanted it to look like my casual sportswear line, so I started with the rugby shirt…” —Tommy Hilfiger. Shop at link in bio.


“We applied the Coca-Cola logo to a piece of muslin and sewed it to the front, just how they made rugby shirts in the early days…” —Tommy Hilfiger TommyJeansXCocaCola


The TommyJeansXCocaCola collab is here. Trust us: you’re going to want to check this out…


You guys, we think we’ve found the one! Shop the TommyJeansXCocaCola statement sweatshirt at the link in our bio 😍


Tommy Hilfiger designed the first ever Coca-Cola clothing line… and now he’s done it again. (Re-)introducing TommyJeansXCocaCola. Get yours at the 🔗in bio.


TommyJeansXCocaCola: two iconic American brands reunited. Shop rugby shirts, sweats and tees at the link in our bio.