Vic Firth

Vic Firth

vicfirth Checkout the all new season of #VFJams LIVE! We will be releasing a new episode every month! Link to Season 2 below:

The American Custom SD4 Combo is the Vic StickOfTheWeek. These are a light stick made out of maple wood and have a barrel tip; designed for a fast, quick response for jazz quartet or chamber music players. The SD4 is also offered in a hickory model known as the HD4. vfSD4 vfHD4


Have you tried the DoubleGlaze or PureGrit series sticks? What feel works best for your hands? 📷 by: peskydrummer


The Vic StickOfTheWeek this week is focusing on our Barrel Tip Models, available in 5A and 5B. Did you know that the size and shape of the tip of the stick effects the sound you get out of your drums and cymbals? This barrel tip allows for clear definition and clarity. Vic Firth Artist jrodsullivan, uses the 5A Barrel. vf5ABRL MyPerfectPair


We’re absolutely loving how aricimprota is utilizing his 5B sticks as an additional instrument in this very unique vf15!


For yussefdayes, it doesn’t get much better than playing a vf15 warm up at soundcheck in Romania.


Carlin_White is bringing the change with this vfJams Episode of "Looking for Change."


This week's Vic StickofTheWeek is highlighting the American Jazz line of sticks. Kicking things off is Robert Sputacular with the vfAJ1. The American Jazz® line is comprised of six models that feature a longer taper in the shaft for a great feel! The neck specifications are sizable enough to create dark cymbal sounds, and the small tear drop tip keeps everything in focus. MyPerfectPair AmericanJazz


Episode 4 of VFJams LIVE! Season 2 featuring Carlin_White playing "Looking for Change" is here! Written by Robert sputacular, with lyrics by elisetestone and iamdeonis and features the incredible all-star VFJams Band! This jam will be stuck in your head all day, in a good way! VFJams VF5A