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vicfirth Checkout the all new season of #VFJams LIVE! We will be releasing a new episode every month! Link to Season 2 below:

"How A 5A Is Made" Part 8: Pairing the Sticks in Sleeves In Part 8 of the stick making process: Sticks of equal weight and pitch are then paired together into sleeves. The sticks are placed in pairs together on a conveyor belt and put into a machine which puts the sticks into sleeves and labels the sleeve with the model and barcode. The pairs are then put into buckets in preparation for the next steps: bricking and packing. HowA5AIsMade MyPerfectPair vf5A HowItsMade


"How A 5A Is Made" Part 7: Weight Sorting and Pitch Matching In Part 7 of the stick making process: All of our sticks are tested for straightness, sorted by weight and then pitch matched to make the perfect pair. If the sticks pass our straightness requirements then they are weighted and sorted by increments of 2 grams each into categories from light to heavy. After weight sorting, our sticks then go through a pitch matching process in order to tone match each pair. The stick is struck three times and recorded into a specially designed program that analyzes the fundamental frequency of each stick. The sticks are then paired by similar frequencies. These steps are key in creating the unbeatable feel of the Vic Firth 5A! HowA5AIsMade MyPerfectPair vf5A HowItsMade


WGI is over but we still have marching on the braincheck out this VFLick from kyletsuchiya playing in 14 different locations around LA. Kyle plays for brokencitypercussion, who won the Gold Medal in the Percussion Independent World Championship! vfatWGI WGI2019 WGI


We have arrived at the WGIPercussion World Championship! For all those attending/participating in this weeks competition please tag vfatWGI for a chance to be featured on our page, story or on the screen at our booth here at WGI! 🥁 📷 by brokencitypercussion vfatWGI WGI2019


"How A 5A Is Made" Part 6: Printing In this step of the process: All of our sticks are printed with the official red and black Vic Firth logo along with the stick model type and size. The logo being printed is etched into a steel plate, ink is then poured over the plate and scraped away, leaving only the ink in the etching. Then a silicone rubber pad grabs the logo etching off the steel plate and stamps it onto the stick. There are two separate stamps: 1 for the red ink portion, and one for the black ink portion. HowA5AIsMade MyPerfectPair vf5A HowItsMade


It’s Monday Morning, WAKE UP! “Sometimes you wake up, grab a brush, and put on a little makeup. And sometimes you wake up, pick up your Vic Firth sticks, and head to the Drumeo studio to lay down some Chop Suey” – DrumeoOfficial Featuring: BruceBeckerDrums VF15 VFJams VFHitThings WakeUp


Here it is: VFJams LIVE Season 2, Episode 1 featuring alvinfordjr! "Stick’n and Groov’n" was Written/Arranged By: Robert sputacular Searight This season showcases a whole new lineup of Vic Firth artists, hosted by elmolovano, musically directed by Robert Sput Searight and performed by the all-star VFJams Band! VFJams VFJamsLIVE AlvinFord VFSSM


"How A 5A Is Made" Part 5: Nylon Tips For our Nylon Tip model sticks, the tips are formed at the grinders so that we can easily mold the Nylon Tip around the stick. The sticks are then put in an injection molding machine where the molten nylon forms to the tip. The tip now becomes part of the stick and can hold up during play. There is no glue involved in our nylon molding process and therefore the tips won’t come flying off with impact. Also, the uniformity between a 5A Wood Tip and a 5A Nylon Tip are identical to allow for the same balance and feel. HowA5AIsMade MyPerfectPair vf5A HowItsMade